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Attention '90s And '00s Kids: "Cheez TV" Is (Kinda) Back

Sneaking in, right on time...

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Remember Jade and Ryan from Cheez TV, aka the faces you probably woke up to every morning of your childhood?


The pair hosted the kids morning show from 1995 to 2004, and breakfast TV has never been the same since.

Well here they are now, teaming up again to create a Cheez TV fan page, where they'll be uploading old episodes and behind-the-scenes footage and photos from their time on the show.

Facebook: cheeztvofficial

Ryan told BuzzFeed that the pair have VHS copies of pretty much every Cheez TV spot they ever recorded, and with the help of Brendan Dando (of the Four Finger Discount Simpsons podcast) they'll be uploading them bit by bit on to the Facebook page.

"It's our chance to give something back after all the support from fans we've had over the years," Ryan told BuzzFeed.

Facebook: video.php

"We were both so in the moment while we were doing the show, that we weren't really too focused on what people thought of it; we were too busy having a blast. Since there seem to be many dark corners of the internet where Cheez TV fans still reside proud and true, this page is dedicated to them, and allows us to communicate with our audience in ways we couldn't back when we were on the show."

The pair said that working on the show from the age of 14 was a "very strange way to grow up", but that they were very grateful for the experience and look back with happiness as well as a bit of sadness.


"Because it was such a pivotal time in our lives, it was like a strange wave that suddenly claimed us. We were just riding it, making sure we just kept thinking of ridiculous ideas to do for it," Ryan said. "The great thing is, what we could do was virtually limitless. For us it was about keeping things real (albeit, hyper-real) and making the crew laugh... everyone who was working on the show was in on the joke. The whole thing was a BIG JOKE. We kept the censor happy too – as a lot of work came through to her because of us."

While Ryan and Jade took a break from TV – "and each other" – after the end of Cheez TV, they've both stayed in entertainment (involved in writing, some acting and hosting, and music), and they remain close.

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"We're like brothers. We were bound to each other because of that show and yet in all likelihood, we may never have ended up as friends without the intervention of Cheez TV – even though we went to the same school! When you go through an experience like that with someone, you either never want to see them again, or you become mates forever. Luckily, it's been the latter for us."