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11 Times Charlie Pickering Was A Smart Dapper Dreamboat

Writer, comedian, and keeper of your heart.

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1. You might not have noticed lately, but Charlie Pickering is dapper as fuck.

Flickr: evarinaldiphotography / Creative Commons

2. Like, seriously dapper.

Network Ten

3. Oh, you already knew that? Good for you!

Network Ten

4. Here is more dapper Charlie anyway.

AAP Image/Network Ten

5. Of course you know that dapper Charlie is also super smart.

Network Ten

6. Look at all the smart stuff he says!

7. He has very smart things to say about asylum seekers.

8. And domestic violence.

9. He's just all-round smart.


10. And don't forget dapper.

Network Ten

11. An actual dreamboat.

Flickr: evarinaldiphotography / Creative Commons

Here's to dapper Charlie.