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We Need To Talk About That Insane "Game Of Thrones" Twist

The finale was wild. CONTAINS SPOILERS.

This post contains spoilers for Season 6, Episode 10 of Game of Thrones. Proceed at your own peril.

What an EXPLOSIVE finale.

Not only was the R+L=J theory confirmed, but so was another incredibly popular fan theory: that Cersei Lannister would go full Mad Queen and blow up King's Landing with wildfire.


She literally blew up half of King's Landing/the Game of Thrones cast.

FINALLY the High Sparrow and the goddamn Faith Militant are gone.

But so are many of our faves.


Especially because Margaery, as always, was a step ahead and figured out something terrible was going to happen. AND THE HIGH SPARROW BLOCKED HER.


After watching her play the game better than pretty much everyone, it was really horrifying to see her go out in that way.

It's really not OK.

RIP House Tyrell. Although at least we still have Olenna.

Cersei also managed to get rid of Grand Maester Pycelle.

It wasn't sad to see the end of him, but it was actually chilling to watch those little birds go all stabby on him.

Along with the Sparrows and Tyrells, she also blew up Kevan Lannister. So there goes the old small council.

PLUS, she got her revenge on the Shame Nun.

This was another moment full of both triumph and absolute horror. Like... Cersei just let the undead Mountain loose on her?! Yes, we all wanted to see her suffer...but not like this.

And Cersei also caused the death of precious bb Tommen!

Sure, he was kind of a pain lately thanks to the way the High Sparrow manipulated him, but this was still gut-wrenching to watch. Cersei delivered on her promise to burn cities to the ground to protect her children, and ended up causing the death of her last remaining child.

The whole sequence was both amazing and awful. Cersei got her revenge, all right – she even got her wish to become THE ruler – but she basically lost everything in the process.

Including, it seems, Jaime.

The look they give each other at the end is significant.

For Jaime, not only has Cersei caused the death of their last child, but she has also done the very thing he sacrificed his honour to prevent.

Killing the Mad King Aerys II to stop him from unleashing wildfire on King's Landing was the defining moment in Jaime's life. He hated that it turned him into the Kingslayer, but it was also the best thing he ever did.

The stage is set for him to now become the Valonqar – the little brother prophesied to end Cersei's life.

Her other little brother, though, is also heading straight for King's Landing – with a younger queen in tow ready to cast Cersei down.

It sure will be interesting to see how it all plays out in Season 7.

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