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    29 Times Liam Hemsworth Was Even Sexier Than Chris Hemsworth

    Sexy runs in the family.

    1. When he looked right through the camera into your soul.

    Carlo Allegri / Reuters

    2. And sported this shaggy mane you just wanted to run your hands through.

    Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

    3. When he held this baby and your ovaries exploded.

    4. When he was the meat in a delicious Hemsworth sandwich and you were suddenly very hungry.

    Danny Moloshok / Reuters

    5. When he lay like this and you were sure he was making space for you.

    6. When he showered and you felt all steamy.

    Reliance Entertainment
    Reliance Entertainment

    7. And when he wore nothing but this towel and you tried to blow it away through your screen.

    Relativity Media

    8. When he wore this white shirt and redefined perfection.

    9. When he looked up like this and you were suddenly a little bit pregnant.


    10. And he looked like this and you had the strong urge to touch his eyelashes.


    11. When he waved like this and you were like OH HAAAAAAY.

    Tony Gentile / Reuters

    12. When he posed with this snake and for the first time you understood the meaning of spine tingling.

    13. And then he posed with this lion and made certain parts of you RAWR.

    Bench Magazine

    14. When he was all dirty and gave you dirty thoughts.


    15. And then he hosed himself down and you needed a hose down too.


    16. When he caught Jennifer Lawrence AND your heart at the same time.

    17. When he rocked this scruff and made you love the scruff.

    AP Photos/Anthony Harvey

    18. And then he rocked this beard and made you LOVE the beard.

    Jon Blacker / Reuters

    19. When he wore these heels and kinda liked it and so did you.


    20. And he wore this suit and you definitely liked it.

    Reliance Entertainment
    Reliance Entertainment

    21. When he was caught in a snow storm and you wanted to keep him warm.

    22. When he joined Jimmy Fallon in a "Cooler Scooter" race and looked completely adorable.


    23. And when he wore this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle onesie to do the ice bucket challenge and your heart burst from the cuteness.

    24. When his hair was perfectly tousled and it made you happy sigh.

    25. When he woke up like this and you wished you did too.

    Reliance Entertainment

    26. And when he dried off and you never wished you were a towel more in your life.

    Reliance Entertainment

    27. When he licked his lips like this and you spontaneously lost your pants.

    Network Ten

    28. And then he licked his lips WHILE SHIRTLESS AND WET and you actually died.


    29. And when he posed next to his brother Chris and you just thought, "why not both?"

    Mario Anzuoni / Reuters