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    Posted on 23 Apr 2017

    People Are Obsessed With Casey Donovan's Performance At The Logies

    There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

    Casey Donovan performed a cover of "Heroes" for the In Memoriam segment of the Logies this year, and it was absolutely perfect.

    What a touching tribute to Reg Grundy and other friends, colleagues and idols we have recently lost. ❤️…

    Everyone watching was absolutely blown away.

    Wow @CaseyDonovan just floored the room with that song. What a tribute. What a voice. #TVWEEKLogies

    @CaseyDonovan Angelic voice, looking beautiful :) Hard to believe ur performing on the Logies after coming out of that jungle #TVWEEKLogies

    Casey Donovan making her COMEBACK #TVWeekLogies

    God damn. Casey Donovan better release this. What a cracking cover. #TVWEEKLogies

    I could listen to @CaseyDonovan all night. What a performance. One of the major labels should give her a record deal - NOW 🎼 #TVWEEKLogies

    That @CaseyDonovan performance was everything. Australia loves ya gorgeous #TVWEEKLogies

    Worth watching #TVWEEKLogies just to hear @CaseyDonovan sing Heroes. Breath taking! 👏🏼💕

    Casey Donovan just nailed it at #TVWEEKLogies. Sensational tribute delivery

    Casey Donovan you angel. #TVWEEKLogies

    More Casey Donovan please.


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