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21 Questions Sydney Has For Melbourne

Do you ever get tired of being wrong about potato scallops?

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1. What's with all the laneways?

2. Do you ever actually get lost in Melbourne?

3. Do you have to carry an umbrella at all times, just in case?

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4. Why is your Luna Park face so terrifying?!

Flickr: davearquati / Creative Commons

5. Is your coffee ACTUALLY that good? Really?

6. How does it feel to be the hipster capital of Australia?


7. Why do you call them bathers, when you don't actually ~bathe~ in them?

8. How do you all get a day off just for a goddamn horse race?!

9. What the hell is with your crazy hook turns?

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10. Do you ever get annoyed at all the trams everywhere?

11. Why do you call Woolworths, Safeway?

Raoul Wegat / AAPIMAGE

12. Do you ever get tired of being wrong about scallops?

13. Why is it called Federation Square when it's more of a trapezoid/rectangle?

Flickr: jad_23 / Creative Commons

14. Why is your river so brown?

Flickr: russellcharters / Creative Commons

15. And why are all your cabs yellow (what is this, New York)?

16. Do any of you actually care about NRL?

17. Real talk, do you sometimes secretly hate all the graffiti everywhere?

18. Are you all really poor because of the amazing shops you have access to?

Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

19. Why on EARTH didn't you keep the name Batmania?!

20. Do you get sick of people mispronouncing Melbourne?

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21. And have you got any more Hemsworths hiding out down there?

Danny Moloshok / Reuters