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Can You Pass A Year 12 Legal Studies Exam?

Well, at least the multiple choice section.

  1. What is the standard of proof in a criminal case?

  2. Belinda is on trial for treason.
    Who has the role of ensuring that this trial is conducted fairly?

  3. Which of the following describes the fundamental principles of human rights?

  4. A person is held in custody before trial.
    What is this called?

  5. What is self-determination?

  6. Who has the burden of proof in a criminal case?

  7. Jordan commits a serious criminal offence. Derek then helps Jordan conceal this offence.
    Which offence has Derek committed?

  8. Which of the following requires a person to attend court?

  9. A pedestrian obstructs traffic. What type of offence is this?

  10. Which of the following can be a member of the United Nations?

  11. Which of the following is a purpose of punishment?

  12. Who would usually issue an arrest warrant?

  13. The president of a nation state is accused of war crimes.
    Where would this case be prosecuted?

  14. Which of the following is the best example of a transnational crime?

  15. Daniel, a 14-year-old, is convicted of a public order offence. This is his first recorded conviction. Which of the following is the most likely penalty for Daniel?

  16. Which type of hearing establishes if there is a prima facie case?

  17. Which of the following is a complete defence to a crime?

  18. Which of the following can be used as a partial defence?

  19. A member of parliament tries to influence a decision being made by the High Court.
    What is this a breach of?

  20. How is the European Union best described?

Questions were taken from previous HSC Legal Studies exams, available on the NSW Education Standards Authority website.

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