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    Stop Everything And Look At These Four Hot Rugby Player Brothers

    Four. Hot. Rugby. Player. Brothers.

    Hi hello, these are the Burgess brothers.

    There's four of them.

    They're brothers.

    They're hot.

    Oh and they all play rugby league.

    For the same team (the South Sydney Rabbitohs FYI).

    It's amazing.

    A. Maz. Ing.

    Although the boys currently call Australia home, they're actually from the UK.

    Which means they have hot accents.

    And yes this is them doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.

    Luke is the oldest Burgess brother.

    He has an adorable daughter.

    Which makes him an adorable dad.


    Sam is the second brother.

    He's an adorable uncle.

    And also just an all-round babe.


    Thomas and George are the youngest brothers.

    They are also adorable uncles.

    So adorable.

    Oh yeah and they're twins.

    This is George.

    This is Thomas.

    This is George and Thomas.

    These are the Burgess brothers.

    You are welcome.


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