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People Are Emotional Over This "Game Of Thrones" Reunion

Even Bronn ships it. Warning: Spoilers!

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First we got the pure delight of Bronn standing outside Jaime's tent, appointing himself captain of the Brienne and Jaime ship.




I mean right?!

I mean asfuabfjabfak.

Also a big deal? This exchange.

The conflict! The FEELINGS!


It's not insignificant that Jaime's "negotiation" with Edmure happens after this chat with Brienne.


He threatens to do truly awful things and professes his undying love for Cersei, which could indicate he really hasn't grown as a character since Season 1. But if you take into account his earlier interaction with Brienne, and the outcome of this scene, you could interpret it a different way.

It's true Jaime really wants to get back to Cersei – he's worried about her trial by combat, and for good reason it turns out — but he also REALLY doesn't want to fight Brienne. Or see anyone else die. So he does the only thing he can think of – makes, as Nikolaj Coster-Waldau puts it, a very "believable" threat.


He achieves his goal: ending the siege quickly, with very minimal bloodshed (only the Blackfish - although his death happens off screen which of course opens up a whole realm of fan theory possibilities) and avoiding a fight with Brienne.


*Rewatches this episode 1,000 times*

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