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    I Am Obsessed With Nicola Coughlan And Jonathan Van Ness's Wholesome Friendship

    How do I get them to adopt me?

    You know Jonathan Van Ness: writer, podcaster, Queer Eye star, and general all-round awesome human.

    And you know Nicola Coughlan: actor, Derry girl, Featherington, and another very awesome human.

    But did you know that the two of them are, like, best friends? It's so wholesome and glorious, and exactly the kind of celebrity news we need right now.

    It all started way back in 2018, when Nicola had a hoodie made with Jonathan's face on it.

    In January 2019, the pair shared their friendship publicly for the first time.

    Nicola Coughlan / Twitter / Via Twitter: @nicolacoughlan

    Nicola describes Jonathan as her "soul sister."

    In March, she wished Jonathan a happy birthday in a post, saying, "I love you so, so much, from the moment I met you I felt like I'd known you my whole life and I'm so blessed to call you my friend."

    Jonathan visited Nicola on the set of Bridgerton.

    And Nicola has appeared on Jonathan's podcast.

    Today on #GC @jvn is joined by his best friend 😂 and the Derry Girl herself, @nicolacoughlan They discuss Ireland, Nicola’s advocacy work and how she continues to use her voice to speak up for women’s rights, the homeless, and LGBTQ+ communities. Listen!

    Getting Curious With JVN / Twitter / Via Twitter: @CuriouswithJVN

    Look at these two. 🥺

    Here's them doing a Great British Bake Off bit.

    And here's Jonathan doing Nicola's most iconic line from Derry Girls.

    And while Nicola posted this pic and shared how much she missed Jonathan...

    ...the two have been making the long-distance friendship thing work for a while.

    They even play Zoom trivia with friends.

    Jonathan was also part of Nicola's Zoom birthday celebrations, in which all of her friends dressed up as a version of her.

    What a group!

    Of course, Jonathan also celebrated with her in real life last year. In the Before Time.

    At the time, Jonathan wrote, "I'm such a lucky person to be friends with you Nicola!"

    Before that, they also celebrated New Year's together, when people could still do that.

    Basically, they are the epitome of friendship goals and the energy we need in 2021.