The 30 Most Iconic "Bridgerton" Costumes, Ranked

    Raise your hand if you're actually Team Featherington.

    The costumes on Bridgerton are one of the best parts of the show.

    Phoebe Dynevor gets fitted for a Bridgerton costume

    Are they historically accurate? No. Does that matter? Also no.

    They're beautiful and interesting and reveal a lot about the characters who wear them. While each costume serves a purpose and is incredible in its own way, in true Lady Whistledown style, there's a lot of fun to be had in (affectionately) judging each look. So here is a ranking of some of the most iconic costumes, made with love...

    30. Cressida's crown:

    Cressida wears a complicated hairpiece and embroidered, embellished gown

    29. Eloise's infantile frills:

    Eloise wears a lacy, embellished gown with a large ribbon tied around her neck

    28. Lady Featherington's dark turn:

    Lady Featherington wears a gown with a dramatic orange and black print

    27. Penelope's butterfly dress:

    Penelope wears a dark yellow dress with a butterfly design on the front

    26. Daphne's floral hat:

    Daphne wears a blue dress embroidered with flowers and a matching shall and hat

    25. Penelope's pink dress:

    Penelope wears a hot pink dress and matching accessories

    24. Eloise's ball look:

    Eloise wears a blue gown and shawl with a tiara and purple bow

    23. The Featheringtons' garden party looks:

    The Featherington sisters wear floral print dresses with lace and flower details

    22. Daphne's black moment:

    Daphne wears a white dress with a black shawl

    21. The Queen's dramatic wig:

    20. Penelope's colorful lace:

    Penelope wears a brightly colored lace gown

    19. Lady Featherington's green gown:

    Lady Featherington wears a green gown and purple gloves

    18. Daphne's debut gown:

    Daphne wears a white sating gown

    17. Marina's yellow ball gown:

    Marina wears a yellow dress and her hair piled high on her head

    16. Lady Danbury's regal purple:

    Lady Danbury wears a high-collared, embroidered purple velvet gown

    15. Lady Bridgerton's elegant gown:

    Lady Bridgerton wears a purple satin gown

    14. Daphne's glitter-and-feather explosion:

    Daphne wears a glittery white gown and carries a feathered fan

    13. Daphne's blue promenade dress:

    Daphne wears a soft blue dress with sheer lacy long sleeves

    12. Lady Bridgerton's ball gown:

    Lady Bridgerton wears a sequined, embroidered ball gown

    11. Daphne's wedding dress:

    Daphne wears a white lacey dress and a tiara

    10. The Queen's purple look:

    The queen wears an elaborate purple dress and headpiece

    9. Daphne's riding outfit:

    Daphne wears a dark blue riding coat and matching hat

    8. The Queen's regal red:

    The queen weras a red gown and red and gold hair accessories

    7. Lady Danbury's signature look:

    Lady Danbury wears a red coat and matching hat

    6. Marina's black-and-white ball gown:

    Marina wears a black and white ball lacey gown

    5. Lady Danbury's white ballgown:

    Lady Danbury wears a white and silver ball gown with a high lace collar

    4. Lady Bridgerton's blue velvet:

    Lady Bridgerton wears a blue velvet gown and matching jewellery

    3. The Queen's pastel look:

    The queen wears a mint green gown with a light purple wig

    2. Daphne's white beaded ball gown:

    Daphne wears a bead encrusted ball gown

    1. The Featheringtons' promenade outfits:

    The Featheringtons sit around in the park in brightly colored outfits

    What was your favorite look from Bridgerton's first season? Let us know in the comments!