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    The 30 Most Iconic "Bridgerton" Costumes, Ranked

    Raise your hand if you're actually Team Featherington.

    The costumes on Bridgerton are one of the best parts of the show.

    Phoebe Dynevor gets fitted for a Bridgerton costume
    Liam Daniel / Netflix

    Are they historically accurate? No. Does that matter? Also no.

    They're beautiful and interesting and reveal a lot about the characters who wear them. While each costume serves a purpose and is incredible in its own way, in true Lady Whistledown style, there's a lot of fun to be had in (affectionately) judging each look. So here is a ranking of some of the most iconic costumes, made with love...

    30. Cressida's crown:

    Cressida wears a complicated hairpiece and embroidered, embellished gown
    Liam Daniel / Netflix

    Cressida is, without doubt, the worst-dressed character on Bridgerton — she's clearly meant to be over-the-top, and it shows. She has several outfits that look similar to this, but this one is doing the MOST and is the worst as a result.

    29. Eloise's infantile frills:

    Eloise wears a lacy, embellished gown with a large ribbon tied around her neck
    Liam Daniel / Netflix

    Eloise doesn't want to let go of the freedom that being a child allows her, and so she still dresses like one. Meaning, as shown here, that she frequently looks ridiculous (reinforced by the fact that Claudia Jessie, who plays her, is actually 31 in real life).

    28. Lady Featherington's dark turn:

    Lady Featherington wears a gown with a dramatic orange and black print

    Lady Featherington and her brood's outfits are meant to be tacky — but actually, most of the time they're quite fun. Still, this outfit is definitely not Lady F's best.

    27. Penelope's butterfly dress:

    Penelope wears a dark yellow dress with a butterfly design on the front

    Poor Penelope. Being badly dressed is her whole thing, because her mother controls her outfits and apparently doesn't recognize what looks good on her own daughter. There are a lot of times when Penelope still looks really cute despite that. And she doesn't NOT look cute here, but while the butterfly design is interesting and gets her out of the dreaded boob jail she's frequently subjected to, the color is not the best.

    26. Daphne's floral hat:

    Daphne wears a blue dress embroidered with flowers and a matching shall and hat

    Daphne's costumes are always very pretty and soft and relatively simple. This outfit is perhaps her fussiest — between the hat and the shawl, there's A LOT going on, and she gets a bit swallowed up by it. Which works for the scene — she and the Duke are supposed to be showing off how in love they are now that they're engaged, except she thinks the Duke hates her and she's freaking out about a possible scandal. The outfit matches her mood; it's about putting on a show. It serves its purpose, but it's not very Daphne.

    25. Penelope's pink dress:

    Penelope wears a hot pink dress and matching accessories

    For some reason — whether to signify that her mother doesn't dress her properly or to make her look younger — most of Penelope's costumes are cut totally wrong, with the "waistline" cutting right through her boobs. This pink dress is one of the worst offenders. FREE PENELOPE'S BOOBS.

    24. Eloise's ball look:

    Eloise wears a blue gown and shawl with a tiara and purple bow

    Eloise finally relents and tries out adult clothes, but there are still some childish flourishes — like the bow — that she can't let go of. Eloise doesn't look bad, but she does look incredibly uncomfortable. It will be interesting to see how her costumes develop as she figures out who she is and how she can be that person in future seasons.

    23. The Featheringtons' garden party looks:

    The Featherington sisters wear floral print dresses with lace and flower details

    This is one instance when the Featherington excessiveness doesn't work in their favor — between the floral print, lace, AND flower details, there's a bit too much happening here. Which is, of course, the point.

    22. Daphne's black moment:

    Daphne wears a white dress with a black shawl

    Daphne wearing black — dun dun dunnnnn. It's when she's feeling down, but it's also her moment of ~temptation~. SYMBOLIC. But also, like, not a very cohesive look.

    21. The Queen's dramatic wig:


    The drama of the Queen's costumes is thrilling, and she rightfully turned heads in this wig — but she wore so many better gowns than this one.

    20. Penelope's colorful lace:

    Penelope wears a brightly colored lace gown

    Penelope's boob prison strikes again! That aside, this is a pretty cute look; just check out her matching pink gloves!

    19. Lady Featherington's green gown:

    Lady Featherington wears a green gown and purple gloves

    Speaking of matching gloves...this outfit is peak Lady Featherington: her signature cut with a shiny, bright fabric and complementary accessories. Sure, it's a bit gaudy, but she owns it.

    18. Daphne's debut gown:

    Daphne wears a white sating gown

    This is the first time we see Daphne. It's simple but effective, making an impression on the Queen and viewers alike.

    17. Marina's yellow ball gown:

    Marina wears a yellow dress and her hair piled high on her head
    Liam Daniel / Netflix

    Marina finally gets in the Featherington yellow and, much to Lady Featherington's annoyance, looks better than any of the other girls in it. The dress is relatively simple, but the whole look is gorgeous.

    16. Lady Danbury's regal purple:

    Lady Danbury wears a high-collared, embroidered purple velvet gown
    Liam Daniel / Netflix

    Lady Danbury is one of the best-dressed characters in the show; her costumes of deep red and purple display her status as queen of the social order and the way she deliberately projects power. This is a prime example of that iconic energy.

    15. Lady Bridgerton's elegant gown:

    Lady Bridgerton wears a purple satin gown

    Lady Bridgerton has more than one gown cut in this style, and they are all great, but this purple is the best. She looks as classy and elegant as she's meant to.

    14. Daphne's glitter-and-feather explosion:

    Daphne wears a glittery white gown and carries a feathered fan

    This outfit is Daphne's power move — she pulls out all the stops to try to make a statement to Simon and attract the Prince of Prussia. It's real hot girl shit while still being very Daphne.

    13. Daphne's blue promenade dress:

    Daphne wears a soft blue dress with sheer lacy long sleeves
    Liam Daniel / Netflix

    Just one of the dozens of variations on the pale-blue dress Daphne wears, this is perhaps the best. It has just the right amount of pretty detail to distinguish it, and most importantly, it has those buttons she asks the Duke to do up in a very sexy moment.

    12. Lady Bridgerton's ball gown:

    Lady Bridgerton wears a sequined, embroidered ball gown

    Lady Bridgerton knows how to dress to accentuate her best features and any room she enters. In this pretty gown, she actually outshines her daughters.

    11. Daphne's wedding dress:

    Daphne wears a white lacey dress and a tiara

    On its own, it's a very pretty dress, but the tiara takes it to the next level. It's all very Audrey Hepburn.

    10. The Queen's purple look:

    The queen wears an elaborate purple dress and headpiece

    For some reason, the Queen always looks as if she's from a different time period than everyone else, but who cares when she also always looks incredible. On anyone else, this outfit would be ridiculous, but she's the Queen, and she can pull it off.

    9. Daphne's riding outfit:

    Daphne wears a dark blue riding coat and matching hat

    This is arguably the most singular and stylish outfit Daphne wears. The hat in particular is a statement piece that, unlike the other hat she wears, really works for her.

    8. The Queen's regal red:

    The queen weras a red gown and red and gold hair accessories

    The hair accessories alone are enough to put this look in the top 10, but the red is also fab. The Queen matches her surroundings and yet stands out at the same time.

    7. Lady Danbury's signature look:

    Lady Danbury wears a red coat and matching hat

    Lady Danbury loves a jaunty hat! She wears a few variations of this outfit, and she always looks incredible. She is style goals, tbh.

    6. Marina's black-and-white ball gown:

    Marina wears a black and white ball lacey gown

    It's hard to get a good shot of this dress, which is a shame because it's lovely and Marina looks fantastic in it. She matches the Featheringtons, and her surroundings, while looking very much like her own person.

    5. Lady Danbury's white ballgown:

    Lady Danbury wears a white and silver ball gown with a high lace collar
    Liam Daniel / Netflix

    Excuse me, is that Lady Danbury being the hottest woman in the room?! She doesn't usually wear light colors, which makes this even more of a moment — capped off by her signature queenly collar, of course.

    4. Lady Bridgerton's blue velvet:

    Lady Bridgerton wears a blue velvet gown and matching jewellery

    And here we have Lady Bridgerton being the hottest woman in the room. The blue velvet with matching jewels is just divine. What a fox.

    3. The Queen's pastel look:

    The queen wears a mint green gown with a light purple wig

    The Queen is mostly in the background in this scene, which is a huge shame because her outfit is wonderful. As in other scenes, she matches the party decor while standing out amid everyone. The combination of mint in her gown and pale purple in her wig is very aesthetically pleasing.

    2. Daphne's white beaded ball gown:

    Daphne wears a bead encrusted ball gown

    Like everything else Daphne wears, she owns several variations of this style of dress — but this one is by far the best. It's just so pretty, and perfect for the giddy early romance vibes she and the Duke conjure at this particular dance.

    1. The Featheringtons' promenade outfits:

    The Featheringtons sit around in the park in brightly colored outfits
    Liam Daniel / Netflix

    Collectively, this is THE most iconic look of the season. It's the Featheringtons at their best — bright and embellished, but complementary and fun. Compared with the pretty but plain outfits the Bridgertons collectively sport, it's hard to resist the Featherington style. It can go wrong at times, but when it goes right, it's just delightful.

    What was your favorite look from Bridgerton's first season? Let us know in the comments!