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    The Video For "Especially For You" Is So Delightfully '80s

    Friendly reminder that "Especially For You" exists and your day will be better if you watch it right now.

    It starts off with the giant ghost heads of Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan floating over Sydney Harbour.

    And then it cuts to Kylie sitting there thinking about why she's wearing not one but two ugly necklaces, while also writing a letter (lol '80s).

    While Jason bumps along on a train alone and smiles to himself, probably thinking about his awesome Pong score.

    Then there's this amazing split screen to show how Jason and Kylie belong together because of their matching shoulder pads and mum jeans.

    Next Kylie is at an audition for some role which she's obviously going to get because she really knows how to move that one leg.

    And then she's all "yeah my curls are full of power, what of it?"

    And Jason desperately tries to get to her and her curls of power but for some reason he's too late. :(

    Then the giant floating ghost heads are back to try and keep Kylie and Jason apart because they're evil giant floating ghost heads and can't see that this is a love made in mum jeans.

    And Kylie and Jason just wander around aimlessly, never finding each other even thought they're so close, because it's the '80s and they can't just text and also apparently can't see that they're on the same hill.

    But then! Their love transcends the mum jeans and they both get all snazzy and at last...

    They're together (togetheeeerrr). :) :) :)

    And their love takes them to another plain, where the giant floating ghost heads have been replaced with giant floating photographs that only want good things for the mullet-crossed lovers.

    Jason rolls his eyes because he can't believe they let the giant floating ghost heads keep them apart for so long.

    But it doesn't matter anymore because it's the '80s and they're togeeeetheeer, togeeeetheeer.

    Make your own day and watch the whole saga here.

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