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    21 Cartoons That'll Make '90s Kids Say "Oh My God, I Loved That"

    Thank you, Nickelodeon.

    1. Samurai Pizza Cats

    The three Samurai Pizza Cats in their armor
    Saban Entertainment

    The English language version disregarded the original anime plot and used its animation to create a truly absurd comedy that was more fun than it should have been.

    2. Pokémon

    Ash with a pokeball
    TV Tokyo

    If you weren't obsessed with Pokémon were you even a '90s kid?

    3. Sailor Moon

    Serena/Usagi lying on a bed and crying
    TV Asahi

    Everyone had a fave sailor scout, and a crush on at least one of the characters (oh hi Tuxedo Mask).

    4. Street Sharks

    The Street Sharks examine themselves looking horrified

    It's like they saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and said, hey, what if they were super jacked sharks instead? With a matching toy line, of course.

    5. Gargoyles

    The Gargoyles look at each other with a city in the background

    One of the best and most underrated TV shows of the '90s.

    6. Beast Wars: Transformers

    Optimus Primal looking to his right

    It was Transformers, except instead of cars they were all animals. And Optimus Primal made everyone cry.

    7. The Magic School Bus

    Ms Frizzle holds the school bus in the shape of a surfboard at the beach

    The Magic School Bus was weird as hell in hindsight — the places that bus went to! — but it was also educational AND fun.

    8. Captain Planet and the Planeteers

    The Planeteers hold up their rings

    People from different countries coming together to create a more powerful movement to save the environment? Captain Planet was ahead of its time.

    9. The Powerpuff Girls

    The Powerpuff Girls fly together in front of a background of love hearts
    Cartoon Network

    There are few things more appealing when you're a little kid than seeing other little kids with superpowers. Especially when they're this cute.

    10. Rugrats

    Tommy stands over Chuckie, Phil and Lil lying down

    Rugrats was so funny you wanted to keep watching it even when you were supposedly too old for it.

    11. Arthur

    DW stands in front of a fence wearing sunglasses

    The amount of memes Arthur has spawned is proof of its important cultural impact. Also, it was just really fun.

    12. Doug

    Doug and Patty looking at each other

    Doug was kinda weird but also gentle and relatable — the perfect sweet spot.

    13. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

    Ickis, Oblina and Krum sit at a desk in class

    Gross-out humor and distinct visuals made this show hard to resist as a kid.

    14. Rocko's Modern Life

    Rocko answers the phone at a "One-on-One Hotline"

    Most of the jokes went over your head, but you laughed anyway.

    15. Rocket Power

    Regina and Otto standing together smiling

    Slipping in at the end of the '90s, Rocket Power was about a group of kids into adventure sports. It was just really cool.

    16. Hey Arnold!

    Helga, Arnold and Gerald wear winter clothes and stand in a store

    Hey Arnold was hilarious AND moving, with a cast of characters that encapsulated exactly what it feels like to be young.

    17. Recess

    The Recess characters stand together looking shocked

    Recess had enough characters that there was at least one everyone could relate to and connect with.

    18. Beavis and Butthead

    Beavis and Butthead stand in front of a row of houses

    Admit it, you can *hear* the above image, can't you?

    19. The Ren & Stimpy Show

    Ren and Stimpy stand together

    The Ren & Stimpy Show was way more adult than most cartoons, so you felt ultra grown-up if you watched it.

    20. Daria

    Daria and Quinn exchange looks

    The perfect teen show in animated form.

    21. South Park

    The South Park four main characters stand in a row at the bus stop
    Comedy Central

    You probably weren't allowed to watch it, but you pretended to at least.