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    19 Photos Of Jay Ryan From "It: Chapter 2" That Might Make You Pregnant

    Ben Hanscom, more like Ben Handsome amirite?

    1. Let's just get straight to the point: Ben in It: Chapter 2 is really, really, ridiculously good looking.


    3. He's played by Kiwi actor Jay Ryan, who is also really, really ridiculously good looking in real life.

    4. This post is just an excuse to share some gratuitously beautiful photos and GIFs of him, really.

    5. Because, sure, this guy is funny and talented and seems like a good person.

    6. But also, he's really pretty.

    7. He looks good in a suit!

    8. And a coat!

    9. And a t-shirt!

    10. He looks great in black and white.

    11. And he looks really, really, really, really good without a shirt on.

    12. Here's that shot in motion just to reiterate this fact.

    13. Here's another shirtless shot in case you need more convincing.

    14. And another.

    15. Here he is shirtless AND WET.

    16. I MEAN!!!

    17. No thoughts head empty.

    18. This has been a shameless Jay Ryan handsomeness appreciation post.