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    "Behind Her Eyes" Has A Shocking Plot Twist And People Are Losing It

    Did ANYONE see this coming?!

    Behind Her Eyes is a new six-episode British show on Netflix, created by Hannibal writer Steve Lightfoot and based on the novel of the same name by Sarah Pinborough.

    Louise lies back in grass; she is smiling and has her hair tied back in a headscarf
    Nick Wall / Netflix

    You may have noticed A LOT of people talking about it online — specifically, the ending.

    I’m gonna need 3-4 business days to process the ending of Behind Her Eyes

    Twitter: @hannah_feltz12

    The show behind her eyes on Netflix was so good but also I’m so fucked up from the ending. I’ve been sitting here for 10 minutes like wtf just happened to me #behindhereyesnetflix

    Twitter: @kassik17

    Lord, Behind Her Eyes is the most insane thing I’ve ever watched in my life. Nothing can prepare you for the ending. #BehindHerEyes

    Twitter: @e_novaturient

    Me after watching Behind her eyes on Netflix. Imma need 2-3 working days to process that ending. Wow

    Twitter: @hbergin8

    If you're dying to know what happened or just want a recap of the insanity, MASSIVE SPOILERS BELOW...

    Okay, so, Behind Her Eyes is about single mother Louise, who works as a receptionist and begins an affair with her boss, David, a psychologist.

    Louise and David stand at a bar facing each other and smiling, they each hold glasses of alcohol
    Nick Wall / Netflix

    Complicating matters is the fact that David's wife, Adele, befriends Louise and asks her to keep their connection a secret from David.

    Louise and Adele sit at a small table by a window at a cafe; two cups of coffee and a cake are on the table between them
    Nick Wall / Netflix

    Louise likes both of them and carries on her relationship with each in secret. Needless to say, it's an awkward position for her to be in, and the first half of the series plays out like a pretty standard erotic drama.

    Something is clearly not right with Adele, a factor that is reinforced by her different behavior in flashbacks in which she interacts with Rob, a boy she met at a treatment facility where she was dealing with her parents' death and he was recovering from addiction.

    Mark Mainz / Netflix

    As the series progresses, we get hints that Rob is dead, and the show seems to be not just a drama but also a murder mystery.

    Then things get weirder and weirder. There seems to be something supernatural at play — but we don't find out exactly what until toward the end of the season.

    Adele yells into a phone
    Nick Wall / Netflix

    It turns out that Adele has the power of astral projection, something she taught Rob in the past and teaches Louise in the present.

    Louise has her eyes closed and a green ball of light floats next to her body

    Basically, they can project their consciousness/spirits out of their bodies and travel to any place that is familiar to them.

    Here's where the plot twist comes in: It turns out that when they were younger, Rob and Adele switched bodies while astral-projecting, and Rob-in-Adele murdered Adele-in-Rob, dumping the body at the bottom of a well.

    The opening of a well viewed from below; trees and sky can be seen above

    Which means that the "Adele" we've been watching the whole time, except in flashbacks, has actually been Rob. The real Adele is dead — spiritually, if not physically.

    But that's not all! There's a twist upon the twist! Rob-in-Adele then creates a situation in which Louise has to astral-project, and then he leaves Adele's body and enters Louise's. Louise gets stuck in Adele's body, and Rob-in-Louise murders Louise-in-Adele.

    Adele lies with her eyes closed on a bed, a green light floats above her

    Rob-in-Louise then gets married to David, who thinks he's getting a fresh start but is really marrying the person he's been with all along. Louise's son, Adam, meanwhile, knows that something isn't right with his mom and doesn't seem to be doing too well.

    Adam sits in the backseat of a car wearing wedding atire and looking sad

    And that's the end of the series! It's one of the wildest twists ever, and that's saying something.

    Which is why so many people are completely freaking out over the show...

    I confess I thought people were exaggerating about this ending for #BehindHerEyes but...

    Twitter: @AyeeYoSliceeee

    when you think the final fire scene in behind her eyes is it but then you get hit with THAT ending...

    Twitter: @dakareenn

    Just finished Behind her eyes and I’m very upset

    Twitter: @ScoutShady

    Me after watching #BehindHerEyes

    Twitter: @canceledreams

    I think we need group therapy all of us who've watched @NetflixSA #BehindHerEyes

    Twitter: @b_hip2

    When I say my heart dropped. #BehindHerEyes

    Twitter: @dreamyypisces

    I knew Rob was fishy but I did not expect that ending #BehindHerEyes

    Twitter: @_nmlucky

    So wait, Imma have to un-evil Adele’s face in my head😭 #BehindHerEyes

    Twitter: @dreamyypisces

    Just finished #BehindHerEyes and omggg literally tryna process that ending well their goes my sleep

    Twitter: @MissKacsi
    Twitter: @jj_phillips1

    What do you think of the Behind Her Eyes ending?

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