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    29 Photos That Prove Turtlenecks Must Be Stopped


    1. Here is a small fact: turtlenecks are the worst clothing item known to man.

    Flickr: andreasnilsson1976 / Creative Commons

    2. Turtlenecks are the work of the devil.

    Flickr: hometowninvasion / Creative Commons

    3. They were invented to fool us into thinking we were comfortable.

    Flickr: parb / Creative Commons

    4. To fool us into thinking we looked smart.

    Flickr: lscan / Creative Commons

    5. To fool us into thinking we were warm and safe.

    Flickr: jbhalper / Creative Commons

    6. When really they keep sucking out our awesomeness.

    Flickr: sharynmorrow / Creative Commons

    7. They feed on it until there's nothing left but an empty shell.

    Flickr: illusionwaltz / Creative Commons

    8. Turtlenecks make you sad.

    Flickr: smileham / Creative Commons

    9. Turtlenecks make babies sad.

    Flickr: clover_1 / Creative Commons

    10. Turtlenecks make PUPPIES sad.

    Flickr: sjmcdonough / Creative Commons

    11. Have you ever seen a happy animal in a turtleneck?

    Flickr: fluffenstufsmom / Creative Commons

    12. NO. Because THEY KNOW.

    Flickr: somecanuckchick / Creative Commons

    13. They KNOW turtlenecks are evil.

    Flickr: trrpngirl / Creative Commons

    14. Turtlenecks are not good for your health.

    Flickr: sirqitous / Creative Commons

    15. Turtlenecks are not good for your happiness.

    Flickr: inhisgrace / Creative Commons

    16. Turtlenecks are not good for your LIFE.

    Flickr: bbarr / Creative Commons

    17. Turtlenecks. Are. Not. Good.

    Flickr: chrisb_fotografie / Creative Commons

    18. Not even Kate Bosworth looks good in a turtleneck.

    Flickr: sexywife / Creative Commons

    19. Not even TURTLES look good with turtlenecks.

    Flickr: audreyjm529 / Creative Commons

    20. You know when The Rock got awesome? When he stopped wearing turtlenecks.

    Kate MacConnell / QMI Agency

    21. Turtlenecks are not your friend.

    Flickr: evilerin / Creative Commons

    22. Turtlenecks are coming for you.

    Flickr: merille / Creative Commons

    23. Turtlenecks will find you.

    Flickr: penumbra / Creative Commons

    24. Turtlenecks will never let you go.

    Flickr: hometowninvasion / Creative Commons

    25. Say NO to turtlenecks.

    Flickr: inhisgrace / Creative Commons

    26. Stop them before they take over your life.

    Flickr: doommeer / Creative Commons

    27. Before they take over THE WORLD.

    Flickr: 44215333@N00 / Creative Commons

    28. #BanTurtlenecks.

    Flickr: 48559365@N05 / Creative Commons

    29. You have been warned.

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