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    The New Bachelorette Made A Transphobic Comment And People Are Mad

    It only took 30 minutes!

    This is Bill, a contestant on the new season of The Bachelorette.


    When he met Ali in tonight's premiere, he revealed he had a secret – he hadn't always been "Bill". He used to be "something different". And then the show went to ad break.

    The set-up certainly suggested Bill was going to reveal he was trans – although people immediately suspected the show of queerbaiting, given the franchise's history.

    Is #thebacheloretteau trying to... trans-bait is right now? Wtf? #BacheloretteAU

    oh look it’s channel 10 queer baiting again what a surprise #BacheloretteAU

    Sorry but was that subtle (or not subtle) queer/trans-baiting? Not cool #BacheloretteAU

    And people were disappointed and infuriated to discover they were right. After the ad break, Bill revealed his name used to be "David". That was the ~big secret~.

    Oh, a transgender cliff hanger. Hilarious. Classy as always channel 10. Anyone going to do blackface? #BacheloretteAU

    Queer-baiting and Channel 10. Name a more iconic duo. #BacheloretteAU

    Which led Bachelorette Ali to say, "not a woman! Phew."

    Literally 30 minutes into the season and they're trans-baiting and mocking the LGBTQ community? #BacheloretteAU

    Many people called out the comments as transphobic.

    queerbaiting and transphobia - what a shock! #BacheloretteAU

    So Ali is transphobic cool #TheBacheloretteAU

    cool, so we got the transphobia out of the way like super early, sweet #BacheloretteAU


    Nothing like seeing some lighthearted comedy in the #BacheloretteAU, like a bloke in a plastic suit of armour that's making awkward squeaky noises, or baiting the audience with a fake-trans reveal, followed by a "PHEW, amirite?" from Ali. Oh the laughs...

    Basically, this show makes it really hard to keep tuning in.

    when you can't even last 30 minutes without queerbaiting and transphobia #BacheloretteAU

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