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Your "Bachelor" Prayers Have Been Answered, Apollo And Tara Are Heading To "Paradise"

Apollo and Tara and Keira! Oh my!

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Channel Ten has announced the first six cast members for the upcoming Bachelor in Paradise and OMG THEY COULD NOT HAVE PICKED BETTER.


Bachelor in Paradise, if you're not familiar with this spectacular concept, involves ex-Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants being dumped on an island to hook up with each other, er, I mean, find a second chance at love.

And yes, hulking hunk of a man/actual cinnamon roll Apollo will be back on our screens!

As will everyone's best friend, Tara.


Let's hope she finds the love she deserves this time – preferable in Apollo's giant man arms.


We also have the iconic Keira returning to no doubt stir shit up.

And of course, Our Lady Laurina of the Dirty Street Pie.

Oh, and Michael Turnbull the ~professional~ footballer and "Devvo" Davey the manchild will also be heading to Paradise. So there's that.

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY I just need Tara and Apollo to hook up and fall in love and maybe make beautiful, hilarious, adorable muffin babies.