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    18 Things Australians Do That You Probably Didn't Realise Were Unique To Us

    *wipes tear* I'm feeling weirdly patriotic.

    1. Smothering everything in chicken salt.

    2. Saying "how you going?" — or, more accurately, "howyagarn?" — as a greeting.

    "hey howyagarn mate? sorry i'm late, there was a bingle in south pasa, towies were hooning out so i had to chuck a u'ey cos traffic was chockers" PLEASE

    It's the kind of thing you don't think twice about until you say it to a foreigner without realising and get a totally blank look back. It's really not that confusing, guys.

    3. Using the word "heaps" for emphasis.

    Like "howyagarn", we say "heaps" CONSTANTLY, but apparently no one else in the world does. Australian English really is its own thing, hey?

    4. Frequently using the half flush on the toilet.

    5. Going barefoot anywhere and everywhere.

    Two: A lot of Australians I see on the train, in hotels, on the city streets, are barefoot. Shoes are somewhat optional? It's fascinating.

    To everyone else, it's gross — to us, it's a natural state of being. Need to nip to the shops? Don't need shoes for that. Watching a movie in the cinema? Yeah, the shoes are coming off. Plus it's not summer until you've dine the "oh-eh-ah-oh" hop across a burning-hot bitumen road.

    6. Not being able to split bills at restaurants and cafés.

    "No split bills" signs are everywhere and it's an all-too-rare delight when somewhere you're eating lets you and your friends pay separately. Unless you're not in Australia, of course, in which case it's totally the norm.

    7. Doing the Nutbush.

    It's the one song guaranteed to get pretty much every Australian on their feet. The Nutbush is so universal here, you'd think it would be everywhere. It's not even an Australian song! And yet, we're the only ones who do THAT dance to it.

    8. Responding to "thank you" in our own special way.

    in australia instead of saying “you’re welcome,” they say “NO WUCKAS!” and i think that’s beautiful

    "You're welcome"? Never heard of it. To Australians, it's "no worries", "no wuckas", "s'alright", "that's ok" or sometimes even no response at all.

    9. Using our garages for everything but cars.

    Why do Australians fill their garages up with crap you don't use and park in the driveway or street? That's really weird

    We don't really do attics or basements, so for most, the garage is the best place to store things. It's not uncommon to put so much crap in there that you can't actually get your car in.

    10. Eating dim sims.

    11. Putting pineapple on burgers.

    12. Going to the movies on a Tuesday to save money.

    Australia is a nation of massive tight arses, so it's no wonder cinemas around the country invented a day to celebrate it/profit from it.

    13. Having barbeques (read: barbies) literally everwhere.

    14. Using uptalk A LOT.

    Why do Australians sound like every sentence is a question?

    It's something we don't really notice, but a lot of Australians talk with upward inflection, so that pretty much every sentence sounds like it should have a question mark at the end when it's not actually a question at all.

    15. Putting the "huh" in "h".

    why do Australians pronounce the letter h as haych

    It's "haitch", not "aitch". Why would you pronounce the letter H without an actual H?!?! It's the rest of the world that's wrong on this.

    16. Drinking your way through Europe on a bus tour.

    17. Drinking things like flat whites and long blacks.

    18. And finally, eating musk-flavoured lollies.