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    This One Photo Proves Australia Is Actually The Portal To Hell

    Brace yourselves, summer is here with a vengeance.

    Australia is entering a MONSTER of a heatwave that has made the country look like an actual portal to hell:

    tag urself, i'm an upgraded bushfire warning

    Yes that is ABOVE 45 DEGREES CELSIUS WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK??!??!?! (For Americans playing along at home, that is 113 degrees Fahrenheit.)

    Here's the hellmouth from another angle, in case you were wondering.

    A heat wave is coming "welcome to hell on earth in Australia" #Toowoomba #DarlingDowns…

    Needless to say, people are freaking out.

    We’re all going to die.

    that's not weather it's a bloody blast radius


    Australia now a hypercolour tshirt

    @espurrkawa australias going to literally set on fire in the next few years

    The prophecy is almost complete. We were warned. We didn't listen.

    *sobs uncontrollably*

    @espurrkawa you know things r fucked up in the world when darwin is the coolest capital in the country... 😁

    @espurrkawa @AusLoafer Nice, the CSIRO finally opened the VOID

    Stay safe out there, Australia.

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