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    29 Iconic Tuckshop Foods, Ranked From Good To Goddamn Glorious

    Don't tell me I'm wrong, because I am not.

    It's an undeniable fact that the best thing about school was the tuckshop.

    29. Ovalteenies

    28. Fizzers

    27. Chicken and corn rolls

    Two chicken and corn rolls; one of them has the end cut off so you can see inside

    26. Warheads

    A pile of different flavoured Warheads

    25. Popcorn

    A packet of Cool Pak Popcorn

    24. Eucalyptus drops

    A packet of Eucalyptus drops

    23. Frozen juice cups

    A frozen orange uice cup

    22. Carob buds

    A pile of carob buds on a wooden platter

    21. Red frogs

    A pile of red frog lollies

    20. Sesame Snaps

    A packet of mini sesame snaps

    19. Jupiter Bars

    A Jupiter Bar

    18. Noodle snacks

    A Mamee Monster noodle snack

    17. Sunnyboys

    Vintage Sunnyboy iceblocks

    16. Ghost Drops

    A pile of different flavoured Ghost Drops

    15. Sour straps

    A box of sour straps

    14. Sausage rolls

    A sausage roll

    13. Pizza Roundas

    12. Chip sandwiches/rolls

    Potato chips on a sandwich

    11. Finger buns

    A row of finger buns on a wooden chopping board

    10. Meat pies

    9. Lasagne

    A lasagne in a foil container

    8. Flavoured milk

    7. Mini pizzas

    A mini Hawaii pizza

    6. Nutella snack pack

    5. Toasties

    A tomato toastie

    4. Potato pie

    3. Paddlepops

    2. Pikelets

    A stack of pikelets on a wooden chopping board

    1. Zooper Doopers

    Obviously I'm 100% right, but feel free to sound off with your own opinions in the comments!