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    If You Were An Aussie Teen In The '00s, This Post Will Take You Back

    As Rove would say, "what the?!".

    1. You definitely wore bunny ears and did the bum dance.

    Network Ten

    And you learned more from Big Brother Up Late than from high school sex ed.

    2. You SMS voted for your faves in Australian Idol.

    Network Ten

    And you have very strong feelings over Guy Sebastian vs Shannon Noll to this day.

    3. You dressed almost exclusively in Supré.

    Flickr: Bri_Snaps / Via Flickr: bri_snaps

    Thick belts worn uselessly over the top of singlets and boob tubes were especially vital.

    4. Unless you were more of a Jay Jays kinda teen.

    Ebay / Via, Jay Jays / Via

    Graphic tees and hoodies and basic singlets were everything.

    5. Or, if you were rich, skate and surf brands.

    Ebay / Via, Billabong / Via

    In which case your wardrobe was mostly t-shirts and board shorts.

    6. You owned at least one pair of coloured sunglasses.

    Sony Pictures

    Preferably with a diamanté design.

    7. You were heavily invested in Nina and Jack Scully's romance on Neighbours.

    Network Ten

    You shipped them before you knew what shipping was.

    8. And knew Chris Hemsworth only as Kim Hyde on Home and Away.

    Seven Network

    Beau Brady and Chris Egan were also Summer Bay faves.

    9. You thought adulthood would be exactly like The Secret Life of Us.

    Network Ten

    When are they going to reboot this iconic show though?

    10. You spent many an hour trying to perfect a zig-zag part.

    Warner Bros

    You'd reached god tier when you could do it all the way down the back of your head so you could wear your hair in pigtails too.

    11. You watched Passions every day after school.


    You often missed the first 10 minutes but it didn't matter because it was just the same conversation repeated from the previous episode.

    12. You either wore a matching dress and shawl to your school formal or an ill-fitting suit.

    BuzzFeed / Jenna Guillaume

    Plus, sooo much hair product.

    13. You thought crystal "tattoos" were the height of glamour.

    Ebay / Via

    Even though they fell off your sweaty skin within 10 minutes.

    14. You spent your afternoons chatting to your friends on MSN messenger.

    Using as few letters as possible, of course.

    15. You knew "The Ketchup Song" dance.

    Altra Moda Music / Via

    But just kind of mumbled the chorus.

    16. You collected So Fresh CDs.,

    And downloaded every other song from Napster.

    17. You knew all the words to the superior soap opera-spawned songs.

    Warner Music Australia / Via, London Recordings / Via

    And you can still sing along to them.

    18. Your fave celeb interviews happened on Rove Live.

    Network Ten

    "Say hi to your mum for me!"

    19. You thought Lynx was the sexiest smell in the world.

    Ebay / Via

    ESPECIALLY Lynx Africa.

    20. You felt super cool when you switched your Nokia for a Motorola Razr.

    Ebay / Via

    It even came in three whole colours.

    21. And lastly, when you were old enough to drink, your beverage of choice was Vodka Cruisers.

    Facebook: originalvodkacruisers

    Or, if you were feeling extra fancy, a Midori Splice.

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