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    Something Emotional Happened On "Game Of Thrones" And People Aren't OK

    I'm not crying, it's just raining on my face. Warning: spoilers.

    This post contains spoilers for Season 7, Episode 2 of Game of Thrones. You've been warned!

    OMG guys! Last week we predicted that Arya and Nymeria would be reuniting in this episode, and Game of Thrones delivered! Kind of. There's a bit to unpack here, so let's dive in.

    Before we even get to Nymeria, can we talk about how Arya reunited with another old friend? Hot Pie!

    Arya was strangely unemotional at the reunion.

    That is, until she heard about how Jon Snow had retaken Winterfell and become King in the North.

    It changed her attitude immediately.

    Arya when she heard her family snatched Winterfell back #GameOfThones #ThronesYall

    To the relief of many fans, Arya abandoned her plan to head to King's Landing and take revenge on Cersei, and turned towards Winterfell.


    It's an interesting twist, when you consider the brutal and relentless path of revenge Arya was set on before this.

    And it's only after this that Arya sees her direwolf Nymeria for the first time since Season 1.


    Waiting for Arya to be with Nymeria since season 1 like #GameOfThrones

    But, of course, this being Game of Thrones, it wasn't the happily-ever-after reunion we were hoping for.

    Us: Nymeria and Arya!!!!! We deserve this!!!!!!! #GoT Showrunners: #GameofThrones

    In a completely heartbreaking moment, Nymeria recognises Arya – and turns away.

    And so Arya has a moment of recognition of her own. When she says "that's not you", she doesn't mean the wolf isn't Nymeria. She's acknowledging that life in Winterfell – a tamed life – isn't for her. It's a reference to the way Arya told Ned the life of a "lady" wasn't her way back in Season 1.

    This specific reference is not only touching, it could also have interesting ramifications for Arya's future. She's finally heading back to Winterfell – but, as with Nymeria, what she finds there might not be the joyous reunion we want. She's been wild for many years herself. It may not be so easy to adjust.

    All in all, it was an incredibly powerful, and goddamn emotional scene.

    Nymeria and Arya reuniting brought tears to my eyes. That was such an emotional scene. 😭 You did amazing!!!…

    That moment with Arya and Nymeria #GameofThrones

    The saddest scene so far is Nymeria leaving Arya . Please return to her before the end #GameofThrones

    I'm really not OK.

    Me when Arya and Nymeria were reunited and she walked away: #GameOfThrones

    So on the upside, I was really worried Nymeria was about to rip off Arya's face. Just ripped out my heart instead. #GameofThrones7

    ESPECIALLY knowing that it's news of Jon that sends Arya home, but now we know Jon has left.

    Arya: Goes to Winterfell. Jon: Leaves Winterfell. Me: #GameofThrones #ThronesYall

    Yet another missed opportunity for the Starks!

    Arya is finally going to Winterfell and my main reunion won't happen cause Jon won't be there!!! #GameofThrones

    since the Jon/Arya reunion is taking so long I am actually expecting a whole fucking E V E N T


    On the plus side, Sansa is still at Winterfell. And her reunion with Arya will be VERY interesting.