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I Just Found Out What Time Americans Start School And I'm Shook

7am?! In this economy?!

Growing up in Australia, I consumed A LOT of American TV shows, movies, music and books.

I'm especially trash for teen TV shows/movies/books, so I thought I knew everything there was to know about the Amercian school system.

Which is why I was absolutely SHOOK when I saw this tweet and learned that Americans start their school day at like 7 in the morning?!

Um. Is school start time in America 7AM and not 9AM?! I’m watching this ‘Adam Ruins Everything’ episode on sleep and honestly, I’m shook if it’s true. And all to save on bus expenses?!

I asked American people on Twitter to confirm if this were true, because I literally couldn't believe it. TURNS OUT IT IS!!

@JennaGuillaume Most high schools start between 7-8 am and elementary schools start around 9 am; this is mostly so they can use the same buses for both runs.

@JennaGuillaume Yep. A lot 7 usually 8 the latest.

@JennaGuillaume YEP. Where I grew up high school started at 7:25, junior high was 7:50, and elementary started at 9:00 I think? It's absurd.

@JennaGuillaume Yes it’s true. My high school was far enough away, that I had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to get to school on semesters I had a 1st period class.

@JennaGuillaume Yes, very true. Well like 7:30 for me. No breakfast at my school either, you just pretty much act like a zombie for a couple of hours until you gain self awareness. Isn't it lovely watching that sun rise from A.P. Bio?

I was not the only Australia who was, to use the scientific term, shooketh.

@JennaGuillaume this has blown my mind

@JennaGuillaume I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the US for work and NEVER noticed this. This has blown my mind.

@JennaGuillaume Wow, I had no idea either! 7am is way too early. My high school (in Sydney) started at 8.20am and I thought that was bad enough!

@JennaGuillaume Why do Americans even have children if they have to get up so early

For the record, my own school day started at 8.40am in primary school and 8.28am in high school. Most Aussie schools start after 8am, and frequently after 8.30am. A 7am start is MIND BLOWING and frankly seems cruel.

America, I don't know how you do it.