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    29 Style Lessons From Instagram's Most Fashionable Puppies

    Digby and Aloysius Van Winkle are two griffins from Wellington, NZ, who know a thing or two about lookin' good.

    1. It's all about the bling.

    2. A beanie adds instant hotness.

    3. The right bag really enhances your fur.

    4. Bows will make you look AND feel pretty.

    5. Everyone loves a good knit.

    6. But remember, even the best of us get stuck sometimes.

    7. It's OK to match your besties.

    8. Onesies are perfectly acceptable for snuggling on the lounge.

    9. Seriously.

    10. They're good in bed, too.

    11. At the park, a bright harness is a must.

    12. Make sure you protect your 'do in the bath.

    13. Ties improve any outfit by 110%.

    14. This is doubly true for bow ties.

    15. When you're down, opt for a silly hat.

    16. Try different styles.

    17. Embrace your wild side.

    18. Have fun with cosplay.

    19. Show off your fave character.

    20. Experiment.

    21. Try new things.

    22. Let your inner princess shine.

    23. Try some glasses. Bitches love glasses.

    24. Dress for the occasion.

    25. Be proud of where you come from.

    26. Find sunnies that fit your face.

    27. Protect yourself.

    28. Don't be afraid to ROAR.

    29. And always have fun.

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