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27 Times Tumblr Was The Realest About Anxiety

Me: Don't worry. Anxiety: You gotta.

1. On what your body feels like:

2. And how your insides don't match your outsides:

3. On the battle with your brain:

4. And how it's literally never-ending:

5. On your ~superpower~:

6. On having to psych yourself up to socialise:

7. On being anxious about being anxious:

8. On the scary prospect of no distractions:

9. And sleepless nights:

10. On over-analysing everything:

11. And feeling like everyone must be as annoyed with you as you are with yourself:

12. On being stuck in a vicious cycle:

13. On trying to be productive:

14. On the difficulty of doing everyday things:

15. Even if it's just sitting still:

16. On useless advice:

17. On not being able to relax:

18. On not trusting yourself:

19. On feeling overwhelmed:

20. On trying to be positive:

21. On starting to feel better:

22. And then getting another spike:

23. On your life as a movie:

24. And you IRL:

25. On finding support:

26. On what you want in life:

27. And the one post that really just sums it all up:

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