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I'm Honestly Shook That These Stars Were In "The Twilight Saga"

Rami Malek was a vampire?!

1. Anna Kendrick

Summit, NBC

She stole every scene she was in, but it's kind of wild to remember that this is where the Oscar-nominated actor got her start.

2. José Zúñiga

Summit, CBS

The CSI and Madam Secretary star played biology teacher Mr Molina.

3. Michael Sheen

Summit, Showtime

I just want to know how they convinced him to play Aro.

4. Jamie Campbell Bower

Summit, Warner Bros

Remember the time when he was in literally every franchise?

5. Dakota Fanning

Summit, TNT

There were actually so many stars in the Volturi.

6. Noel Fisher

Summit, Showtime

The Shameless star played Vladimir.

7. Maggie Grace

Summit, AMC

Those contacts though.

8. Lee Pace

Summit, AMC

Breaking Dawn was honestly a trip.

9. Rami Malek

Summit, 20th Century Fox


10. Omar Metwally

Summit, USA

Yep, the Mr Robot actor was in Rami Malek's vampire coven.

11. Angela Sarafyan

Summit, HBO

That's right, the Westworld star was in Breaking Dawn as well.

What a time.


An earlier version of this post used the wrong photo of Omar Metwally.

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