A Definitive Ranking Of Aussie Biscuits

Completely, totally not subjective at all.

38. Milk Coffee

Only edible if dipped in tea or coffee.

37. Fruit Slice

Sure if you’re desperate.

36. Spicy Fruit Roll

They’ll do in a pinch.

35. Lemon Crisps

They’re always the last to go in an assorted pack.

34. Chocolate Wheatens

They’re basically a health food.

33. Delta Creams

At the risk of sounding Un-Australian, they just aren’t as good as Oreos.

32. Venetians

For when you’re feeling a bit posh.

31. Choc Ripple

Combine them with cream and you’ve got yourself a cake.

30. Drizzles

Like choc chip cookies, but with MORE chocolate.

29. Passionfruit Creamies

A must for any passionfruit fan.

28. Choc Montes

Good, but nowhere near as great as some of the other chocolate biscuits available.

27. Tic Tocs

Adorable AND delicious.

26. Milk Arrowroots

The most versatile biscuit ever.

25. Honey Jumbles

A nostalgia trip in two bites.

24. Orange Slice

Mmm, orangey goodness.

23. Shortbread Cream

A staple of any biscuit-lover’s diet.

22. Tiny Teddies

It’s totally OK to eat a whole packet to yourself. Coz they’re TINY.

21. Ginger Nuts

Comes with bonus lolz when you try to say the name with a straight face.

20. Royals

A mouthful of yum.

19. Raspberry Shortcake

It’s like a (tea) party in your mouth.

18. Jam Drops

Kinda like Raspberry Shortcake, but better.

17. Vienna Eclairs

Kinda like Jam Drops, but better.

16. Kingstons

The perfect accessory to a cup of tea.

15. Butternut Snap

So simple. So tasty.

14. Butterfingers Shortbread

Pure satisfaction.

13. Scotch Fingers

Break it, dunk it, go to your happy place.

12. Melting Moments

They melt alright. IN YOUR MOUTH.

11. Monte Carlos

If dreams had a flavour, this would be it.

10. Macadamia cookies

Just one is never enough.

9. Mint Slice

Chocolate + mint = YAAASSS.

8. Lattice

As good as it gets without chocolate or icing.

7. Triple Wafer


6. Kooka’s Jam Cookies

Apparently country Australia tastes amazing.

5. Wagon Wheels

Even though they seem to be shrinking, they are still up there with the best.

4. Tim Tams

It’s an outrage that they still haven’t created a never-ending packet.

3. Caramel Crowns

Arnott’s / Via robbiesonline.com.au


2. Anzac biscuits

They’re a part of our history - AND completely delicious.

1. Iced VoVos

They were name-dropped in Kevin Rudd’s 2007 election victory speech for a reason. The greatest Australian biscuit of all time.

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Jenna Guillaume is a senior editor for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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