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    "A Christmas Prince 2" Is A Mess But The Tweets Are Hilarious

    This movie is even worse than the first.


    i am two minutes into #AChristmasPrinceTheRoyalWedding and i would die for this man


    4 minutes in and the sequel is already dumber than the original. "I, a future Queen, want to travel discreetly so I just hop on this commercial flight instead of flying with a helicopter or something!" Lol I love it! #AChristmasPrince #AChristmasPrince2



    “You must be exhausted by your journey, as we are by your arrival” is a hella sick burn that I will certainly be incorporating into my repertoire #AChristmasPrinceTheRoyalWedding


    Is the reason Aldovia still exists because their crown jewels are so ugly no revolutionaries ever wanted to raid the palace? #AChristmasPrinceTheRoyalWedding



    Me trying to explain my job to my family at Christmas #AChristmasPrince2


    Notes: -Meadow -Fishy That should do it for this investigation. #AChristmasPrince2


    the writers of "A Christmas Prince: A Royal Wedding" planning the dialogue for Amber's sleuthing:


    i have no context for this moment in #AChristmasPrinceTheRoyalWedding but it has my uterus's attention


    so let me get this straight the worst part of the christmas prince is now the best part of the christmas prince sequel aka simon who gets a redemption arc and is hot now nice


    Simon is Loki (redemption narrative, hair, carries the franchise)


    The Aldovian princess just said her favorite part of Christmas is presents, like her entire country isn’t apparently in total economic collapse. No wonder the Aldovian people revolted. #achristmasprince2: Guillotine the Rich


    All my wine is gone. Much like Amber and Richard’s chemistry. #AChristmasPrince2


    The biggest plot twist in A Christmas Prince 2 was that the wedding dress she ends up wearing was even uglier than the first one


    What fresh hell is this @Netflix? 😬😬😬 Is this from #AChristmasPrince2 or #Nailedit?


    me: oh hey have you met my friend, character development? A Christmas Prince 2:


    look we all know Netflix has SO much money to invest in their digital originals so why does #AChristmasPrince2 look like it had the budget of a high school film class


    Y'all #AChristmasPrinceTheRoyalWedding is total garbage. I'll probably watch it like ten more times.

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