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    41 Things You Definitely Had In Your Bedroom In The '90s

    Get ready for a trip down memory lane.

    1. Sun and moon bedding.

    If your home didn't have this were you even a '90s kid?

    2. Or Bang on the Door merchandise.

    For all the ~groovy chicks~.

    3. A boomerang pillow.

    Your whole family had 'em.

    4. Glow in the dark galaxy stickers.

    The night sky was huge in the '90s?

    5. A lava lamp.

    Those little blobs were endlessly fascinating.

    6. Or a fibre optic UFO lamp.

    It probably came from Clint's Crazy Bargains.

    7. Door beads.

    They got kinda annoying after awhile.

    8. A tie dye sarong.

    Usually draped over/on something for decoration.

    9. A feather boa.

    Similarly draped over/on something for decoration.

    10. A dreamcatcher.

    Flickr: porkypig

    Before you'd ever heard the words "cultural appropriation"!

    11. A car bed.

    If you didn't have one, you definitely knew someone who did.

    12. A decorative wall border...

    Your mum totally put this up.

    13. ...which you covered with wall-to-wall posters as you got older.,

    You even extended them to your ceiling if you could reach.

    14. A portable stereo.

    Which you'd diligently sit in front of to tape your fave songs off the Top 40.

    15. Your prized CD collection.

    And tapes, if we're going waaaay back.

    16. A teddy that hung from your door knob.

    Preferably with words to the effect of "KEEP OUT OR ELSE" on it.

    17. Inflatable furniture.

    So impractical and uncomfortable, but hey it looked cool (??).

    18. At least one creepy toy.

    Flickr: 66376272@N07 / Creative Commons,

    Between Furbies and porcelain dolls, there was no shortage of creepy options.

    19. Some kind of puppet.,

    If it wasn't one of those weird bird things, it was definitely a Rigadoon doll.

    20. Alien merchandise.

    Aliens really had a moment in the '90s.

    21. Something furry.

    And preferably pink.

    22. A stack of your fave books.


    Golden Books, Paul Jennings, Graeme Base, Morris Gleitzman, Robin Klein – not to mention The Baby-Sitter's Club, Goosebumps, and Sweet Valley High!

    23. And a bunch of your fave magazines.,

    You learned more from them than you learned from school, tbh.

    24. Your Tazos collection.

    You ate a hell of a lot of chips to build it.

    25. And your marble collection.

    Kept in your best bumbag.

    26. A diary with a lock.


    27. Or an electronic diary.,

    So high tech!

    28. One of these weird sand window things.

    It was amusing for, like, two minutes.

    29. Your "deodorant" of choice., Flickr: porkypig

    You drenched yourself in it before leaving your room.

    30. Sports memorabilia.

    Signed, if you were super lucky.

    31. Sea monkeys.

    Until they died. :(

    32. A random rubber stress ball.

    Maybe you made it. Maybe you had no idea where it actually came from. But it was there.

    33. And a random slinky.

    Decoration was about the only thing it was actually good for.

    34. A magic 8 ball.

    You occasionally used it to make life-altering decisions.

    35. A tamagotchi.

    Abandoned in the bottom of one of your drawers.

    36. A yoyo.

    Probably keeping your tamagotchi company in that drawer.

    37. Your dolls of choice.,

    Action Man, Barbie, Street Sharks, Power Rangers...

    38. Decorative candles.


    You never lit them, they just gathered dust.

    39. A glow worm.

    You definitely slept with it when you were little.

    40. Polly Pocket and/or Mighty Max.,

    Bonus points if you managed to not lose the little dolls.

    41. And plaster art you'd created at someone's birthday party.

    Because it was magnificent.

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