41 Things You Definitely Had In Your Bedroom In The '90s

    Get ready for a trip down memory lane.

    1. Sun and moon bedding.

    2. Or Bang on the Door merchandise.

    3. A boomerang pillow.

    4. Glow in the dark galaxy stickers.

    5. A lava lamp.

    6. Or a fibre optic UFO lamp.

    7. Door beads.

    8. A tie dye sarong.

    9. A feather boa.

    10. A dreamcatcher.

    11. A car bed.

    12. A decorative wall border...

    13. ...which you covered with wall-to-wall posters as you got older.

    14. A portable stereo.

    15. Your prized CD collection.

    16. A teddy that hung from your door knob.

    17. Inflatable furniture.

    18. At least one creepy toy.

    19. Some kind of puppet.

    20. Alien merchandise.

    21. Something furry.

    22. A stack of your fave books.

    23. And a bunch of your fave magazines.

    24. Your Tazos collection.

    25. And your marble collection.

    26. A diary with a lock.

    27. Or an electronic diary.

    28. One of these weird sand window things.

    29. Your "deodorant" of choice.

    30. Sports memorabilia.

    31. Sea monkeys.

    32. A random rubber stress ball.

    33. And a random slinky.

    34. A magic 8 ball.

    35. A tamagotchi.

    36. A yoyo.

    37. Your dolls of choice.

    38. Decorative candles.

    39. A glow worm.

    40. Polly Pocket and/or Mighty Max.

    41. And plaster art you'd created at someone's birthday party.