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    36 "Light The Dark" Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

    On Sunday night, thousands of people around Australia held candlelit vigils to protest the inhumane treatment of asylum seekers. The photos will give you goosebumps.

    Reza Barati was a 23-year-old asylum seeker from Iran. He arrived at Christmas Island last July, and was transferred to Manus Island in August. He was killed there on Monday.

    1. On Sunday night at 8pm, thousands of Australians gathered to light candles in honour of Reza.



    4. Amazing photos were uploaded to social media using the #LightTheDark hashtag.

    Great turnout in support of asylum seekers @ #lightthedark Sydney protesting inhumane treatment of refugees


    Every candle a glimmer of hope. The Australia that could be. #LightTheDark


    Town Hall, Sydney, 8pm #LightTheDark @welcome2aussie @GetUp @LeilaDruery


    These kids get it #LightTheDark


    9. As well as honouring Reza, many protested the government policy of sending asylum seekers who arrive by boat to offshore detention centres.


    Grieving the death of asylum seeker Reza Berati and grieving the violent policies of our govt #lightthedark


    We stand united with the refugees on Manus Island and demand action from our government. #lightthedark


    #LightTheDark To remember those we have allowed to be harmed and to ensure it does not happen again #auspol #change


    Remembering Reza, offering hope & support to the thousands of asylum seekers imprisoned and turned away #LightTheDark

    14. Group vigils were held in major cities around Australia.

    MT @luckytran Amazing what we can do when we come together Australia! #LighttheDark


    Arms raised and hearts united in Sydney. #LightTheDark


    The Sydney Town Hall Square crowd for refugee compassion #lightthedark overflowed.


    Thank you Sydney! 10,000 #lightthedark for 10,000 #asylum seekers in detention. We pledge to fight & end this cruelty


    #LightTheDark Melb crowd of 5, 000 holding lit candles showing their support for Reza Berati and all #asylumseekers


    Amazing. Great crowd in Brisbane tonight! RT @ohill8 #LightTheDark Brisbane


    Lighting the Dark - Port Adelaide at the base of a very familiar lighthouse. #LightTheDark

    21. It wasn't just the large cities that got involved - smaller communities also took part.

    #lightthedark in Hazelbrook, Blue Mountains- almost 100 community members shining a light @getup


    #newcastle #lightthedark My son, grandson of a refugee.



    Small but beautiful gathering in Port Macquarie for #LightTheDark


    Bundeena residents #LightTheDark on Hordern's Beach.

    26. Many who couldn't make it to a gathering did something to #LightTheDark in their own way.

    #LightTheDark #asylumseekers we love you, you are not alone, you will be free & safe, we will not let you down again



    Australia was meant to be the safe place Reza was looking for. I am so ashamed. #LightTheDark #RIPRezaBerati


    #LightTheDark vigil near Cooma in memory of Reza Berati.


    From our young family in Burwood. Australia can do better than this. #lightthedark


    This gov doesnt reflect our family's values. We welcome asylum seekers into our country & into our home #LightTheDark


    For you, Reza. May you find your peace. #LightTheDark



    "If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do." #LightTheDark from Coonabarabran. We're failing.


    36. Even people around the world got involved.

    #LightTheDark to pay respect to asylum seekers who have suffered under our watch. via @GetUp

    It’s 10:54am in Stuttgart, but I’ve lit the candles for #RezaBarati. Hopefully out of his senseless death will come a change. #lightthedark

    Out of a violent incident, #LightTheDark was a powerful message of compassion and hope.

    In the darkest hour, I have finally seen hope. Thx to #LightTheDark tonight - you give me hope we can fight something other than tears.

    Reading the #LightTheDark hashtag gives me hope. So much love and compassion there.

    750 vigils organised in just 36 hours. A clear sign that Australians care. #LightTheDark