18 "Outer Banks" Questions I Need Answered After Season 3

    Is [redacted] REALLY dead?!

    Warning: This post contains spoilers for Outer Banks Season 3.

    The long wait for another season of Outer Banks has begun, and there are plenty of unanswered questions left hanging by the Season 3 finale. Here are some that I'll be thinking about until Season 4 finally comes...

    1. How and why did the Pogues reveal they'd found El Dorado?

    The Pogues stand in a row on a rocky beach

    2. And, uh, what happened to El Dorado?

    Sarah and John B stand in El Dorado

    3. Also, what's happening with the Royal Merchant gold?

    The Royal Merchant gold stacked up in a safe

    4. Is Ward Cameron really dead?

    Ward stands on the stairway of a private jet, bleeding from several wounds

    5. And where's Rafe?

    Rafe wears a suit and looks serious

    6. What about Wheezie?

    Wheezie stands with her hand on her hip

    7. What happened to the charges against John B?

    John B being arrested

    8. What have the Pogues been doing for the last 18 months?

    The Pogues laugh and play in the surf together

    9. Are they still all coupled up?

    Kiara embraces JJ stand close together looking into each other's eyes

    10. How is Kiara's relationship with her parents?

    Kiara looks upset while her mother talks to her

    11. Where are they all living?

    JJ stands in the doorway of a house drinking beer

    12. Are they all just, like, addicted to treasure hunting now?

    The Pogues stand in a group on a boat

    13. Will Blackbeard's treasure somehow be linked to Denmark Tanny?

    Denmark Tanny's diary

    14. Will Pope actually get to go to college?

    Pope stands on a boat

    15. Will John B's mom ever show up?

    John B wears a hat made out of leaves

    16. What about JJ's and Sarah's mothers?

    Sarah steers a boat while looking worried

    17. What happened to Carla Limbrey?

    Limbrey stands on clutches in a church

    18. Finally, are they all in therapy?

    The Pogues sit in a row in front of the tree with John B's name carved into it

    What burning Outer Banks questions are playing on your mind after Season 3?