17 Things Only Chronic Mosquito Victims Will Understand

    Whyyy does my blood taste so good?

    1. Each summer the mosquitos descend and you have to endure three months of your personal living hell.

    2. Every day you have to make the choice: fresh air or feast (where YOU are the feast).

    3. Forget perfume - your signature scent is Aerogard.

    4. You seriously consider bailing on outdoor events because it’s just too risky.

    5. No matter how many people you're with, the mozzies always manage to find you.

    6. You feel instant panic whenever you hear that “buzzing” sound.

    7. Especially when you've just settled down to sleep, and everything is quiet, and you're relaxed, and then - BZZZZZZZ.

    8. You try to ignore it and hope it goes away. BUT IT JUST KEEPS BUZZING.

    9. In desperation, you spray the whole room with fly spray, because breathing is a lower priority than destroying the sucker.

    10. In the morning you still wake up covered with bites.

    11. You try to resist the urge to scratch, knowing it will make it worse.

    12. Finally you give in, and feel that sweet relief.

    13. Until five seconds later, when you feel ten times as itchy as before.

    14. You're slowly losing your mind, when suddenly a mosquito lands on you. And you're glad.

    15. Because revenge is sweet.

    16. With a zen-like calm borne out of madness, you nail that bastard.

    17. And then one of his brothers comes back for your blood.