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8 Obscure Kids 90's Shows You Probably Forgot About

Maybe we blocked them out for a reason...

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1. Wild and Crazy Kids

An intense physical challenge game show that was kind of like Fear Factor, Jr.. Except the games were completely made up and ridiculous sounding like "Steal the Bacon." It wasn't nearly as cool as Legends of the Hidden Temple which is probably why it got nixed and none of us remember it.

2. Kablam!

A cross-animation television show that had cartoon characters Henry and June as hosts to some weird comic book world where there were stop-motion animated action figures who never succeeded in saving the day and some recurring sketch with these twin ferrets who didn't wear pants.

3. The Secret World of Alex Mack

I would rank this one a little more well known, but maybe only because I watched it religiously. Alex Mack centered around a girl who got some toxic chemical spilled on her that gave her the ability to shoot electricity from her fingertips and morph into a blob of goo. Because ya know, when you're exposed to toxic chemicals, that's totally what happens.

4. The Journey of Allen Strange

Another one, in my opinion, that is more popular. Albeit, just as strange (haha) as the others. Allen Strange focused on an alien, Allen, who got stranded on Earth. Of course, though, he morphed himself into a human and got adopted by an Earth family! So basically, the creators of ABC Family's Kyle XY totally ripped off this show.

5. Weinerville

Perhaps the creepiest of the forgotten 90's shows, Weinerville was an almost entirely one-man tv show done every week by Mark Weiner. He had a bunch of really terrifying puppets and puppets of himself (they were his head on puppet bodies) that interacted with each other to make weird little comedy sketches in a fake cardboard town called Weinerville. The show even went on a live-action tour after it ended. I remember because I went to it at my local mall when I was about 4. I just remember a giant hot dog...

6. Space Cases

It was like Star Trek for kids! Kinda. Space Cases only lasted a year, but I remember watching it every week. The week they cancelled it, I cried. It was about this group of misfits from a space academy that sneak on a mysterious ship, and of course, crazy journeys ensue. There was a girl with rainbow hair who had a sonic scream, and, much to the joy of my parents, I tried every week to replicate it...

7. Ghostwriter

This show was pretty epic. It revolved around a group of little Brooklynites who solved neighborhood crime with the help of a ghost who looked like a floating purple ball of mist. The ghost manipulated words and letters to lead the young detectives down the right path.

Fun fact: This is now how all crime in Brooklyn gets solved.

8. Land of the Lost

Talk about religious viewing, I existed solely in this world, in fact, it inspired me to write this post because nobody seems to remember the 90's Land of the Lost aside from me and my childhood best friends!

But yes, there was a 90's Land of the Lost and it was amazingly awful. The acting was subpar, the animatronic dinosaurs were terrible, but if someone told me I could go to the zoo or watch Land of the Lost, I'd be like "Bring me back some Polaroids!" Even though it aired for only a year right around when I was born, they kept the reruns going for years after.

Basically, it was about a family that was on their way to a camping site when an earthquake split the road and they dropped through the Earth into another dimension that has three moons and talking monkeys and most importantly... DINOSAURS! Seriously, Google it.

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