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Which Berk Bitch Are You?

which dirt berk member are ya?

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  1. What is your type?

    drug addicts who wear bright pants
    nice blue eyes
    tan and dumb with an accent
    bearded boys
    taken men ;)
  2. Time for the pregame! What are you drinking?

    anything out of red sox shot glass
    chugging straight vodka
    vodka and orange juice
    whatever goes down the quickest and easiest
  3. Dinnertime bitch what u eatin

    salad and chocolate milk
    hopefully something warm for once
    depends on my mood
  4. What is your favorite thing to do?

    look out the window at all of my peasants in the quad
    gettin gainz at the gym
    taking pictures of clouds
    watching hockey
  5. Who is the one person that can put it in your butt?

    the biebz
    christiano renaldo
    auston matthews
    J cole
    Ed Sheeran
  6. You're at the gym..what are you doing?

    running a 5k
    anything but weights
    ...the what
    i do it all bruh
  7. What's your go-to outfit?

    you can never go wrong with a cardigan
    leggings and a hoodie
    light wash jeans and a cute top
    something comfy
  8. What grinds your gears?

    hair. hair is nasty.
    feet are gross
    when people think they can touch my bed
    loud noises
  9. What's your order at dunkin?

    iced coffee, regardless of the weather
    caramel machiato with skim
    vanilla bean coolatta
    tea, if anything
    coconut coffee
  10. It's homework time, what are you doing?

    FUCKING GAIL's homework. fuck gail.
    watching netflix fuck u thought bitch
    math, math, then maybe some math
    making flashcards
    watching hockey instead

Which Berk Bitch Are You?

You got: Sedona

You are bright person with a kind soul. If you're not admiring the sky or stressin over school, you're probably tapping your foot to the beat. You get drunk fast, sober faster, and drop it like its hot. Everybody loves you!

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You got: Emma

You are a makeup loving, netflix watching, vodka drinking kinda girl. You are always down to go out and (as long as Elga does not come out) you are a blast in a glass. You attract sarcasm and coke heads, so your entire life is pretty wild.

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You got: Jenna

You're kind of a mess. Your weekdays consist of doing math and watching youtube and your weekends consist of being on the floor (location varies). You are full of zen, giggles, and butternut squash.

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You got: Taylor

You can take a girl out of jersey, but you can't take the jersey out of the girl. You love pizza, beer, and the garden state more than anybody else out there. On top of that, you love your hockey and music. And the color black. and being loud. And doing laundry. Basically, you're just full of love.

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You got: Vanilla

You shine brighter than your yellow jacket! If you're not giggling, you're probably dancing in your underwear. You're always at the gym gettin them gainz and you would most definitely win in any fight. You are just a fun, simple person that hates showering.

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