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    The Ups And Downs Of A Non-Taster

    Do you like lots of spices? How about tons of salt? Black coffee? Black Licorice? Well then you might be a non-taster.

    Going to restaurants is usually disappointing because the food is so bland


    Guess I better throw a pound of salt on this

    Putting italian seasoning in pre-made spaghetti sauce because there's just not enough flavor in it


    Perfect pinch my ass. About half a cup will do.

    Loving Indian food because it's always super strong in flavor and heat


    Yes, I'd like ten different types of sauces all super spicy with enough turmeric for me to regret later at home. Thanks.

    Being able to drink black coffee without wincing

    Alternatively being able to put enough sugar in your coffee to kill a small child

    Picnics and Potlucks


    Please kill me. The only saving grace is the cheesy potato dish.

    Anything labeled "More Cheese"


    Literally put as much cheddar into it as possible because that's what I'm looking for

    Deadly spicy to the average person is your mild


    Tabasco is the baby of hot sauces

    Never having to give up sweets because it's still not that sweet to you


    Pure sugar in a bottle? 8 or 23yo I will still say yes.

    When you hate a flavor you REALLY hate it


    Hate fennel but still love black licorice. It's a mystery to me.

    Your spice collection could battle Kalustyan's


    If you live in New York I definitely suggest checking this place out

    "Too much salt" does not exist in your vocabulary


    I don't know what you're talking about dad. These mashed potatoes are perfect

    You can never make food for other people because you will never get the spice level right



    Having the gift of any and all liquid medicines not really tasting that strong to you


    But I still fucking hate that bubblegum strep shit

    But on those days alone you can make whatever the fuck you want and it's beautiful


    You're damn right that sandwich will have 8 different types of mustard and they will all be DIJON BITCH

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