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20 Amazing Vegan Dishes From South America

Felices Comiendo!

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1. Quinua Soup from Peru


We know quinoa (KEEN-WA) is kind of all the rage right now but it started in Peru. They make the BEST soup. It's loaded with veggies and topped with avocado. It's perfect.

4. Fried Yuca from all over


Yuca is a weird looking plant when you see it in stores but it makes the most AMAZING fries. Pair it with some banana ketchup from Cuba and you'll be singing it's praises.

5. Brazilian Collard Greens


THIS is how you make Collard Greens. No bacon fat required. All the garlic in there gives it so much flavor. You'll love it. You can use a vegan butter alternative by the way.

6. Fried Plantains from Venezuela


It doesn't get any better then fried plantains. They're sweet, they're salty, they're making me want some right now.

7. Tacu Tacu (beans and rice) from Peru


Sing praises to Peruvian food. It really is some of the best in South America. The beans in rice there? Out of this world.

8. Portobella Lomo Saltado from Peru


Do I miss traditional Lomo Saltado? Absolutely. But there are alternatives like using seitan or portobello mushrooms. With how hearty these mushrooms are you really won't even notice the meat is missing.

9. Argentinian Hominy Stew with Quiquirimichi


If you have never had hominy you are missing out. It's soft corn that really soaks in the flavors around it. This vibrant stew is perfect for it.

10. Arepas from Columbia


These will change your life, especially if you eat gluten free. It's like eating the South American version of cornbread and it is glorious.

11. Bolivian Cabbage and Potatoes


Fun fact, did you know that many of the staple ingredients in countries like Ireland and Italy came from South America? Yeah, that's right. Potatoes and tomatoes aren't native to Europe. This proves that Bolivia can make a way better dish than any Irish man can.

12. Ajiaco Negro from Columbia


You might as well convince yourself now that the best soups come from South America. This has all the nutrients you'll ever need. Add in rice and it's basically the perfect dish.

14. Brazilian Feijoada


This is the national dish of Brazil, just minus the meat. They're big on their mangos there so I hope you like your rice dishes a little sweet!

15. Peruvian Stuffed Avocados


Do me a favor sometime. Go to Peru and eat an avocado. It's like biting into an avocado for the first time. Pesticides and GMO's are illegal there so their fruit and vegetables are on a whole other level. This is the perfect mix of Peruvian ingredients in one simple meal. So worth the money.

19. Porotos Granados from Chile


Great for the end of winter here in the US. Squash and and beans with some great South American Spices.

20. Columbian Cream of Avocado Soup


Ending on a very healthy and delicious note. This is easy to make and taste fantastic. I mean really, how can you go wrong with avocados?

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