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10 Vegetarian Recipes With Ingredients That Are Not So Fresh Anymore

Bananas getting spots? Chips gone stale? We got you.

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Stale Tortilla Chips? Try Chilaquiles!

Minimalist Baker / Via

If you have some chips that have maybe been sitting out opened for a few days try this Mexican Recipe. It's Chips soaked in a chili sauce topped with onions and cilantro. Mmm!

Recipe Here

Stale Bread? Italian Vegetable Stew for you!

Bon Appetit / Via

This recipe uses stale sourdough bread but you could try a french loaf or any other hardy breads you have laying around. It's packed with vegetables and broth so it's great for the fall and winter months.

Recipe Here

Stale Granola? Try some Granola-Crusted Nuts!

Smitten Kitchen / Via

If you have some slightly stale granola, the kind you aren't up for eating with some yogurt or milk then try this recipe. You can use pecans, walnuts, or whatever other nut you think would work best for you.

Recipe Here

Overripe Tomatoes? Boil up some Tomato Water!

Bon Appetit / Via

I know it sounds a little weird but tomato water is used a lot at 5 star restaurants over dishes. It's a nice touch at home when you want to pretend you live on the upper east side. Plus it's so easy to make.

Recipe Here

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