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    10 Truths About Being An Extrovert With No Friends

    You get energy from talking to other people but there are no other people to talk too? Rough life man.

    1. When the internet becomes boring and there's no one to talk too

    2. Trying to make friends at work but they won't bite

    3. Starting a million projects to occupy your time but never finishing any of them


    4. Using the weekends to catch up on your DVR (aka every SVU episode ever) and feeling unsatisfied at the end

    5. Making jokes about how alone you are and no one understanding how serious you really are about it


    but you just laugh it off

    6. Getting deeply attached to fictional characters because you have to have someone to care about

    7. Going somewhere with lots of people (mall, concert, times square) so you can get some human contact


    It's not perfect but it'll do the trick

    8. Not having anyone to talk to so when someone does try speaking to you you end up talking a mile a minute and they look at you like

    9. Taking up that one hobby that you throw yourself into for a few months and it's the only thing you talk about now when someone tries to speak to you


    I can tell you a rice dish in probably every continent now

    10. Having no filter whatsoever (not that you ever do) because you have no one to unload stuff onto

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