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6 Resources To Help You On Your NaNoWriMo Quest

Because you can write a novel in a month.

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Here are some resources to help you complete this writing goal.

2. Nathan Bransford's blog.


Nathan Bransford is an author and ex-literary agent with a ton of knowledge on the writing process. A great place to start is his post "How to Write a Novel," since it breaks a novel down into its major elements.


4. DIY MFA: Tools & Techniques for the Serious Writer


DIY MFA has a do-it-yourself approach to learning how to write, supported by its writing resources, which will help guide you through the process and strengthen your writing.

6. Rachelle Gardner's blog.


Rachelle Gardner's blog is a collection of sage advice and writing wisdom. Gardner also covers the tricky subject of "How Do You Know if Your Work is Any Good" by offering advice on training and trusting your gut, along with dealing with feedback from others.

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