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If Winnie The Pooh Were Actually Regina George From "Mean Girls"

Starring Winnie the Pooh as Regina George.

Mean Girls turns 10 this month. You know what 10-year-olds* like? Winnie the Pooh. This is what happens when you add Mean Girls dialogue to Winnie the Pooh comics.

*I actually have no idea what 10-year-olds like.

Christopher Robin tries something new:

Eeyore works on his vocabulary:

Rabbit doubts his self-confidence:

Piglet tries to make small talk:

Pooh has big plans at the Old Orchard Mall:

Kanga makes a "hump day" treat:

Piglet finds Pooh in a vulnerable state:

Roo questions Pooh's logic:

Piglet's feelings are hurt:

Pooh goes on an all-carb diet:

Kaitlyn Caussin has a reputation:

And Piglet falls victim to the Burn Book: