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The "Breaking Bad" Coloring Book

Meth! Blood! Poultry! Print these graphics, grab some crayons, and avoid all children.

1. The early days

Jen Lewis

Green shirt. No pants. No problem.

2. Saul Goodman

Jen Lewis

Every coloring book needs a criminal lawyer.

3. Hey hermano

Jen Lewis

Come for the chicken, stay for the methamphetamine.

4. Hank on a toilet

Jen Lewis

Color Hank as he flips through a book, discovers a secret, and probably does some other unmentionable things.

5. Jesse and Walt

Jen Lewis

Cooking up some sweet, sweet friendship.

6. Two-Face Gus

Jen Lewis

Here's that blood we promised.

7. Mike Ehrmantraut

Jen Lewis

Everyone's favorite grandpa.

8. Blue Sky

Jen Lewis

You're going to need 3–15 blue crayons for this one.

9. Submerged Skyler

Jen Lewis

White shirt, blue skirt, blue pool, blue soul.

10. Walter Jr. in his element

Jen Lewis

Every adventure begins and ends with Flynn eating breakfast.

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