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18 Struggles That All Long-Distance Best Friends Know To Be True

"Skype isn't working." "Should we try iChat?"

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So. Somehow, someway, you and your best friend ended up in different places.

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1. It's fine, though. There are ways to keep in touch. Like texting...

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...except when you're somewhere that doesn't have service and you really, really need a quick chat.

2. In order to see each other face-to-face, you have to rely on Skype or Hangouts...

...which sometimes doesn't work.


3. So you try an alternate method...

...which kind of works.

4. And you eventually end up video-ing for hours and hours, mostly in silence while you each go about your own internet business...

...when you definitely have something else you should be doing.

5. If there's a time difference? Forget it. So long, sleep.

6. Since you can't be in the same room, you know each other's Facebook passwords so you can see each other's crushes...

...and, every now and then, you forget to log out and accidentally post something as if it were your own.

7. The weirdest feeling? Scrolling through Instagram and seeing your best friend hanging out with people you've never met before...

8. ...and burying that jealousy and liking all those photos anyway.

9. Explaining your bizarrely close friendship to your own new friends is always tough.

10. ...but not as tough as explaining your friendship to a new significant other...

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11. ...especially when they see your overly emotional, emoji heart-filled texts to one another.


12. The worst, worst, worst part about long-distance best friendship? Missing your best friend's birthday.

13. You try to organize visits, but realize they're too expensive.

14. And you feel 100% helpless when your best friend is upset about something and needs you to be there.

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15. But, once in a while, you figure out a way to get to one another.

16. And, instead of being productive, you count down the days and monitor your best friend's flight until it lands.

17. When other friends want time with your best friend while you're temporarily reunited, you turn into a territorial toddler.

18. ...because you're going to be separated again soon, and it's one of the worst feelings in the world.

But, in the end, you're best friends, and distance could never change that.

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