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    27 Faces You'll Recognize If You Live With Your Best Friend

    Most of the time you don't even need words to know what they're saying.

    1. The "did you watch our favorite show without me?" face:

    2. The "you weren't home and I couldn't help it" face:

    3. The "should we get a pet?" face:

    4. The "you're right, we can hardly take care of ourselves" face:

    5. The "you got my order right because of course you did" face:

    6. The "I'm going to stare at you intently until you get dressed and come to this party with me" face:

    7. The "it's Saturday morning and I'm hungry, are you awake yet?" face:

    8. The "don't ask questions, just lie down and listen to sad music with me" face:

    9. The "be gone, asshole" face:

    10. The "it's my turn to take out the trash but I'm going to walk by and hope you don't notice" face:

    11. The "my roommate has been out of town for so long and everything is terrible" face:

    12. The "you're back, never leave again" face:

    13. The "there's a giant spider in my bed please come here" face:

    14. The "my plans fell through, let's hang out at home" face:

    15. The "uh, sorry, we'll keep it down in here" face:

    16. The "it's just the two of us in here but they think we're having a party" face:

    17. The "I tried to fix the thing" face:

    18. The "I've been walking around naked, you came home by yourself, right?" face:

    19. The "why did we drink that entire bottle" face:

    20. The "you're hungover? I'm still drunk" face:

    21. The "is this yours or mine?" face:

    22. The "well, this is mine now" face:

    23. The "I got food on the outfit I borrowed" face:

    24. The "we just watched an entire season and now we don't know what to do" face:

    25. The "this is way more fun than hanging out with other people" face:

    26. The "what if we're not roommates forever" face:

    27. The "of course that won't change anything" face: