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I Made My Friend Wear A Left Shark Costume For The Entire Super Bowl And Here's What Happened

"I've never said 'unzip me' so many times in one night."

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It all started when I caught the flu a week before the Super Bowl, took slightly too much cough medicine, and came across a Left Shark costume disguised as a "Party Shark."

For some reason, Amazon sent me three shark costumes when I only paid for one. Keep your Powerball money; I won the real jackpot.

I was sick for two days and came back to a magical package at my desk.

Not pictured: The third shark costume, which no one wanted to wear.


Super Bowl Sunday arrived, Max suited up, and I immediately felt very, very guilty.

"It's really warm in here." —Max

"Will someone unzip me?" —Max

"I'm surprised Right Shark was able to pull it off." —Max

"I can't do anything in this thing." —Max

Left Shark is in a dark place and trying to open a beer with a hanger

"Just let me die." —Max