The Internet Is Wrong About Air Bud And Comet Being The Same Dog

    Never trust the internet.

    I'm not sure where it all got started, but the internet is FULL of reports from respected sources that claim Comet from Full House and Buddy from Air Bud were the same dog.

    Maybe it's because Buddy's Wikipedia includes the longtime Full House role and makes it sound pretty legitimate.

    I believed it for years — I've probably told hundreds of people that Air Bud and Comet were the same dog. But after a bit of digging, guess what I discovered? IT'S NOT TRUE.

    Yes, Buddy had a cameo as Comet in one episode — the one where Jesse can't play basketball, so Danny's all, "It's not so hard, even Comet can do it."

    But that's it. Just the one scene.

    The real "Comet" was played by Comet, a pup whose original owners surrendered him to Golden Retriever Rescue. He was adopted by Animal Actors of Hollywood in 1988 and first appeared on Full House as Minnie, fictional Comet's mom, and then rejoined the cast a few months later as adult Comet.

    Buddy, on the other hand, was found as a stray in the Sierra Nevada mountains in 1989 and was taught to play basketball by his owner, Kevin di Cicco, who continues to teach his golden retrievers to play sports for the Air Bud franchise.

    Buddy is also frequently credited as the dog in the movie Fluke, but nope — that was Comet, too.

    Let's send the real Comet some love up in dog heaven. (And some love for Buddy and Ajax, too, as well as all other dogs because all dogs deserve all the love.)