17 Brutally Honest Greeting Cards Every Married Couple Needs

    I delete my search history because I love you.

    1. For household duties:

    2. For your coffee table:

    3. For the little one:

    4. For last night's misunderstanding:

    5. For the bedroom:

    6. For the bedroom pt. 2:

    7. For your squeaky-clean laptop:

    8. For laundry day:

    9. For that thing that's missing from the fridge:

    10. For TV time:

    11. For the one who lingers a little too long in front of the mirror:

    12. For family reunions:

    13. For your home:

    14. For the cold hard truth:

    15. For early weekend mornings:

    16. For when you were wrong:

    17. For THAT shirt.