49 Dog Photos That Jeff Goldblum Has Liked On Instagram

This is important.

OK, so you’re probably thinking, “Why does this person know everything Jeff Goldblum has liked on Instagram?”

1. Well, my name is Jen and I have two Instagram accounts;

2. one where I post boring pictures from my life,

3. and another where I post bad jokes from my brain.

Follow my jokes, they are bad.

4. When I created my second account, Instagram kept bugging me to follow someone,

5. so I followed Jeff Goldblum on a whim and called it a day.

6. Little did I know, following Jeff Goldblum and only Jeff Goldblum

7. meant that I’d instantly have a front row seat to ALL of his Instagram activity under the “following” tab,

8. and BOY is it a delight,

9. because Jeff Goldblum EXCLUSIVELY likes photos of this Italian toy poodle named Max and literally nothing else.

10. This is probably because

11. Jeff Goldblum only follows two accounts: his wife and

13. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite things

14. to open Instagram and see that Jeff Goldblum has liked

15. yet another photo of Max, the toy poodle from Rome.

16. Max does some dog acting,

18. and is clearly living the life of a very good dog.

19. Anyway, I’ll shut up so you can enjoy the rest of these Max photos in peace.

20. I love you, Max and Jeff Goldblum.

21. OK, we’ve already seen 21 photos, so this is 22.

That’s all for now!

Jen Lewis

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