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7 Of The World’s Most Unique Roofs

A roofing material is a perfect structure for the house. The gallery structures are inspirational and amazingly created, with high technological invention. You will definitely note these jeweled crown structures, check them out in person below. Enjoy!

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1. Rio de Janeiro is a design inspired by Patalano and Mareines to showcase nature and human interaction.

The beach has gleaming blue water, a flowed roofed house and open air abode, spaces where people can freely interact with nature. The room spaces are perfect places for social gatherings and events. The open design encourages natural ventilation from the sea.

2. These ancestral torajan houses are located in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Tongkonan is a boat shaped structure with saddle like roofs ( Means ‘To Sit’)

These are royal roofs that look like crowned gathered place, that provide spaces for social events in Torajan culture. Its construction involves all family members.

3. Qizhong stadium the largest tennis stadium in Asia

The stadium consists of slidable roofing. The open roof resembles the magnolia flower—it is a vital landmark in China. You may not be going to Shanghai for tennis, but a trip to the stadium can showcase a different view of the city, the strange roofing during excursion in a helicopter.

It takes only 8 minutes to completely open the roof and its looks magical. The stadium accommodates 15,000 seated spectators. It is venue for master cup and it is worldly used for tennis competitions.

4. Casa Batllo is one lovely building in Barcelona. It is a design by Antonio Gaudi

The outside is constructed from bones and skull and the bones act as supporting pillars. The upper floors were rented out while the upper floors Ballito lived here with his family. The back of the ground resembled the back of the dragon. The building is a stunning innovations by Gaudi and the varying sizes of window ensures all floors are well lighted. The front desk contains audio guides to the rooms.

5. The Eden project, is a stunning experience of Cornwall. It is an interactive gateway for people, animals, children and the environment.

With the campsite and modern ensuite bedrooms, one can take a visit with the family for a week; get to the meandering plants and check the gardens, sculptures, giant bee etc. Get comfortable shoes as you get into the humid domes and carry a change of clothes, sunscreen lotions due to direct UV rays.

6. Gaudi la Pedrera is a structure in Barcelona a stone quarry constructed in the 1906 and 1912, a heritage value in the UNESCO list.

Antonio Gaudi is a great architect, believed that for one to explore nature, he or she has to read it as a book to understand it. The artistic is unique and bears no resemblance of modern construction. This is great way to see the stunning la pedrera architecture, a building used for private residence, and a way to experience Barcelona nightlife without rowdy night clubs.

7. St. Stephen cathedral in Vienna is an essential center in German civilization.

The outside design is a snake like architecture, a beloved landmark that stands for more than 700 years. The cathedral houses treasures, the red marble sepulcher , the Gothic altar and prince Eugene savoy's tomb. One can view the magnificent structure with a guided tour. Once you get at the top, you can get the finest view of Vienna, old town.

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