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    13 Reasons To Quit Your Job & Work At Chipotle

    Have your cake and eat it too... but when I say cake I actually mean burritos.

    1. Free Food

    It’s so good you’d be willing to pay for it… but you don’t have to.

    2. Friendly Envy

    Enjoy the reaction you’ll get from friends and family when they find out where you work

    3. Culinary Skills

    Learn actual cooking skills that will change how you cook at home for the rest of your life

    4. Real Benefits

    Health and retirement benefits even for hourly workers

    5. A Career Path

    No guessing as to where you’re going- there’s a chart for that, and it’s actually attainable

    6. Food With Integrity

    Learn about the entire food system and how you’ll be helping to make it better

    7. Join A Revolution

    Be part of changing the way people think about and eat fast food

    8. Dress For Success

    Enjoy wearing a “uniform” that doesn't look or feel like one.

    9. Help Friends And Family

    Get bonuses for anyone you refer that gets hired

    10. Sabbatical

    After 10 years of working with Chipotle you get 2 months of paid sabbatical

    11. Enjoy Your Job

    Work in a supportive culture where cooperation and teamwork are rewarded

    12. Roll With It

    View this video on YouTube

    Learn the sacred art of burrito rolling

    13. Get Ready To Grow

    Opportunity is endless as a new restaurant opens every two days

    Interested? Here are the keys to getting hired and having a successful career at Chipotle

    Visit to apply.

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